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Scraps: Casting Call!!!

  • Repost from my friend, Melody,
    We are shooting a short film titled "Scraps" in October and we need all the help we can get in every way possible. First of all, we are casting in the Sacramento area on August 20th. We are looking for numerous actors of all ages, types and ethnicities. If you know of someone who might be interested in this, please pass this link on. You can find details about the casting call on our blog: http://scrapsmovie.blogspot.com/. We are also trying to generate interest in our Facebook fan page where ultimately, all updates on the film's progress will be posted. If you don't LIKE our page, maybe it's time for change of heart. ;) It can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scraps-A-Short-Film/218471241519073. And LASTLY, we need help funding this film. If you check out our Kickstarter page, you can see our funding progress and maybe, just maybe, contribute if you can. You can find our Kickstarter page here:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1989671812/scraps?ref=live. We are hoping to meet our goal before our deadline...only 25 days to go. Thank you for reading this and considering helping us any way you can! ♥ the filmmakers of Scraps
  • scrapsmovie.blogspot.com

    Scraps Casting Call

    Casting Call for Independent Short Film “Scraps”

    Date: Saturday, August 20, 2011 (Callbacks will be held the following day from 9am-12pm)

    Time: Auditions run from 10am – 2pm (REPLY TO EMAIL BELOW TO MAKE APPT)

    Production Title: Scraps

    Director: Imani C. Davis

    Director of Photography: Aaron Leong

    Writer/Producer: Melody Claussen-Furry

    Studio/Independent/Student: Independent
    Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
    Project Type: Short Film
    Project Format: HD
    Production Location: Sacramento, CA, various locations
    Shooting Schedule: Projected shooting dates are October 8, 9, 15 & 16. Rescheduling might be necessary in case of rain. Actors must have open availability these weekends.

    Character Breakdowns:

    Maggie (at age 14), female, ages 13-15 years, slender, Caucasian or tan, brunette with hazel or brown eyes. She’s intuitive, smart, sensitive yet scrappy. She makes connections that others her age wouldn’t. (This character is also the NARRATOR. *Must be available for vocal recording sessions on weekends after shoot*).
    Maggie (at age 10), female, ages 9-11 years, Caucasian or tan, brunette with hazel or brown eyes, slender.

    Nadine (at age 10), ages 9-11 years, Caucasian/ tan brunette with brown or hazel eyes, slender or medium build.

    Rhonda Parrot, female, mid-to-late 30’s, brown hair, Caucasian or tan, slender build, any eye color. She’s terse, erratic, mentally disconnected, and only concerned with meeting basic primal needs. She trades sex for money, food or drugs. She’s an occasional huffer.

    Nadine, female, 13-15 years, Caucasian/ tan, slender or medium build, brunette with brown or hazel eyes. She’s a slightly na├»ve, kind, and loyal friend to Maggie.

    Amy, female, 13-15 years, any ethnicity, slender or medium build. She’s a conceited girl who regularly verbally abuses Maggie and Nadine.

    Mr. Klein, male, late 30’s-early 40’s, Caucasian, any build, brown hair, any eye color.

    Sister Ann Marie, female, short, any ethnicity, 40-60 years, Caucasian or tan, any hair and eye color, medium build. She’s the stern but compassionate principal at Maggie’s school.

    Sister Mary Elizabeth, female, 40-50 years, any ethnicity, brown or gray hair, any eye color and build. She’s a sarcastic nun who teaches Maggie and Nadine’s sixth grade class.

    Sister Mary Catherine, Caucasian, female, in 40-60 years, any hair, eye color and build. She is a very traditional and stoic nun who teaches Maggie and Nadine’s ninth grade class.

    Old Nick, male, Caucasian or tan, late 40’s-mid-50’s, gray or graying hair, medium to large build, any eye color. He’s a generous and loveable homeless man who gives Maggie advice and whatever he has on him.

    Woman in Laundromat, female, 40-55 years, any description. (Must be able to shriek in horror)

    First Girl, female, 9-11 years old, any build, ethnicity, hair and eye color.

    Maggie (at age 6), female, must look six/seven-years-old slender, Caucasian or tan, brunette with hazel or brown eyes. (non-speaking)

    Mrs. Klein, female, Caucasian, mid-to-late thirties, light brown/blond hair, light eye colors, slender or medium build. (non-speaking)

    Crazy German Monocle Man, male, 30-50 years old, brown hair or blonde hair, Caucasian, any build. (non-speaking)

    Telephone Game Scene extras, various 10-12-year-old girls, any build, ethnicity, hair and eye color. We need six or so girls for this scene. (non-speaking)

    Street scene extras: Any description to walk by in the background of feature actor. (non-speaking)

    Classroom/School yard extras: we will be looking for boys and girls ages 8 -17 years of all types and ethnicities to walk and socialize in the background of the feature actors. (non-speaking)

    Laundromat girl/Maggie’s mother, female, 16 – 21 years old, Caucasian or slightly tan. (non-speaking; legs for Laundromat scene and model for photo)


    Part of this film will be presented in a slideshow motif. In order to accomplish this, we need to construct fake family portraits of the main character’s various foster families. Here are the model types we need for these portraits:

    The Brady Family:

    Father Brady, male, thirties or forties, Caucasian, any hair and eye color and build.
    Mother Brady, female, thirties or forties, Caucasian, any hair and eye color and build.
    Oldest Brother Brady, male, 15-17 years, any hair/eye color, ethnicity and build.
    Middle Brother Brady, male 12- 14 years, Black or Hispanic, any hair/eye/build.
    Youngest Brother Brady, male, 8-10 years, Asian, Black or Hispanic, any hair/eye/build.
    Oldest Sister Brady, female, 14-16 years, any ethnicity, build, eye/hair color
    Middle Sister Brady, female, 10-12 years, Black or Hispanic, any hair/eye/build.

    The Hyde Family:
    Mr. Hyde: male, early thirties, Caucasian, slender, any hair/eye color.
    Mrs. Hyde: female, early thirties, Caucasian, slender, any hair/eye color.

    The Starkweather Family:
    Mr. Starkweather: male, Caucasian, late thirties, blonde/brown, any build/eye color.
    Mrs. Starkweather: female, Caucasian, late thirties, blonde/dirty blonde, any eye color.
    Older Starkweather boy: male, Caucasian, 11-13 years, slender, blonde hair, blue eyes.
    Younger Starkweather boy: male, Caucasian, 9-10 years, blonde hair, blue eyes, any build.

    Below are the terms of this production:

    Paid/Non-Paid: ALL POSITIONS are Non-Paid (volunteer)
    Other/Additional Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy
    Meals/Lodging/Transportation Provided: Snacks/Meals provided during work hours.

    ACTORS: Please come prepared with a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue. Please bring a headshot and resume at the time of audition if you have them prepared.

    Email Your Casting Submissions To: scrapsthemovie[at]gmail.com. Please indicate your name, which part/s you are interested in, and a contact phone number. We will be scheduling times for auditions.

Scraps, a short film: Scraps Filmmakers' Intro Outtakes Clip
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