Thursday, January 31, 2013

2nd Annual Getty Owl Run/Walk

I just registered for the Getty Owl Run/Walk! If you live in or around the Sacramento area, I suggest you join the cause! Information below!
(From the Getty Owl Blog):
I am so very excited to announce the 2nd Annual Getty Owl Run/Walk is Sunday, February 24th in Sacramento at Crocker Park.
Planning a run is no easy feat. It seemed as though once last year’s run ended the planning  for this year’s run began. Getty Owl Foundation puts on several events throughout the year. I’ll be honest, the run is very special to me for a couple of reasons and I feel like with each passing year it will be even more of a labor of love.
Having so many people in one place to celebrate family and community makes my heart skip a beat. Knowing that every single person attending will know or hear something about Spinal Muscular Atrophy is something you cannot put a price on. To think that in the very least our participants will take the knowledge they have gathered and tell someone else one day. That is cool!
There are some really great additions to our race this year. First of all we are going “tech”. Our Getty Owl race shirt will be tech to all who register. I wanted to do this so bad last year, but we simply did not have the budget for it. But this year, it’s on! Tech shirts are lightweight and breathe well while you run. And they seriously last forever. We have a new race image on the front that I know people are going to love.
The race routes will remain the same from last year. We received some great feedback from runners and walkers alike that they enjoyed the scenic view of the Sacramento River.

Times for races will be the same:
1/4 mile Kids Run: 8:05am
5K & 10K Run/Walk: 8:30am

Okay so let’s talk about the 1/4 mile Kids Run. We have been overwhelmed this entire year with such gracious donations from all kinds of companies/organizations. So we decided to take three of them and make them giveaways. Promptly at 7:55am-ish Dinger, from the Sacramento River Cats and I will be pulling 3 lucky kid’s names for some really cool prizes.
4 Tickets to Fairytale Town
4 Tickets to The Sacramento Zoo
4 Tickets to Disneyland!!!!!!!!
Cool huh?
In order to be in the drawing you must sign up pre-registered for the 1/4 mile Kids Run. Meaning that you will not be in the running for the tickets if you are a late-register or register the day of. So if that isn’t incentive to sign up soon, I don’t know what is. Last day to pre-register is February 17th.

This year will have a lot of the same aspects of last year. All registrants will receive a tech shirt, goody bag, and post-race hydration and nutrients.
We will again have a post-race family festival. Vendors are being added pretty much every day. We want to thank the companies that have made it a priority to come support the race and our foundation. Here is the list so far of the incredible companies at the festival.
Age group winners will be announced and will receive a custom medal and gift for their hard work and accomplishment.  Award ceremony will begin at 10:00am in the park.
For all other event details either click here. Or go to the top of the page and find the “Events” Page on the website that has ALL the details from Race Info to Post-Race Sponsors. 
I want to take the time to thank several people and companies that have helped the Getty Owl Run/Walk possible. I would like to thank our crazy Getty Owl Foundation board of directors. Crazy meaning good. You all keep me grounded and I appreciate that and all of your hard work.
It has been a pleasure to work with Kellie and Rich from Capital Road Race Management and Julie from Nor Cal Ultras. Thank you all for your help and advice. So excited to put on another great race with your support. 
Last but certainly not least, our sponsors. When organizing any event, if you don’t have businesses supporting your efforts, an event just can’t happen. I would like to thank our major sponsors:
We would like to also thank many great sponsors that have helped make our upcoming 2nd Annual Getty Owl Run/Walk a success.
Check out these sponsors.
With the race only 1 month away I wanted to let everyone know who  is reading this post that we appreciate your support. We created Getty Owl Foundation to be a part of the solution. We wanted to do what we could as a family and as a foundation to help fight Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA is cruel. As Getty gets older, she loses the very simple aspects of life that we may all take for granted. Eating, swallowing, standing, walking, jumping, hugging, talking, smiling….. We want to help end this disease not only for Getty but for all children/adults diagnosed with SMA. Even with the extensive list I have mentioned, in the same breath, there is so much hope on the horizon in regards to research to help find a viable treatment and/or cure.
We were told that Getty would unlikely see her 1st birthday, let alone her 2nd. As a family we are so proud of our little owl, rather little lady owl, she is surpassing all the statistics and there is no stopping her. She will be turning 3 in March, Hoot! Hoot!  This year, not only will Getty be in attendance for the run, but so will many of her SMA friends that are also defying the odds. We are so thankful to be in such good company. We look forward to walking together in solidarity that our kids are warriors and they love life and they do deserve a cure.
With the accompaniment of technology, Getty can speak with the assistance of a computer and very soon Getty will be traveling around with the assistance of a power chair.
That is what this event is about. Educating the public about SMA and helping to raise money for research that one day, someday soon researchers will find a viable treatment or cure for all of our kids and adults and those that have yet to be born.
We hope you register for our 2nd Annual Getty Owl Run/Walk.  We hope you have a wonderful time. We hope that you walk away from the event knowing more about SMA than you did before and we hope that you take what you have learned and tell others. Knowledge is very powerful.
On behalf of our entire board of directors at Getty Owl Foundation, we thank you for helping us be a part of the solution.
Oh and it is the end of February, it will be cold, dress warm. I have already told mother nature not to rain. So we are covered. :)
Hope to see you there. Register HERE is you are ready to go!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My death BriDe in a coffin is coming back to me Etsy Treasury

I happily found my La Llorona Necklace in 

upasri de raad's 

Jimmie Joy Jewels: Miss Russian California 2013 - Custom Necklace & Earrings

Custom made jewelry set by Jimmie Joy Jewels
 designed and handcrafted especially for
 Liliya Karavan - Miss Russian California 2013, 
the Necklace and Earrings 
with over 500 hundred Swarovski Crystals!

Necklace: Faceted Swarovski Crystals on Polished Argentium Head Pins with Faceted Swarovski Crystals Sterling Silver Adjustable Hook Clasp.

Earrings: Faceted Swarovski Crystals on Polished Argentium Head Pins with Sterling Silver Earring Clip.

Miss Russian California 2013, Liliya Karavan

Friday, January 11, 2013

RE in Sacramento Press

I finally found this article (via random Google search of my business name)! 
I had attended/vended Zombifest at the Greens Hotel back in September. The Sacramento Press photographer, David Alvarez had stopped by my room and took a few shots of my jewelry. The picture shown is me (looking all grotesque and zombified) holding one of my mom's creations (a Dia de Los Muertos lacy back top). It was a fun night full of live performances from Amber Sweets and a mini movie marathon by Sacramento Horror Film Festival.

Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser
The Sacramento Horror Film Festival (SHFF) presents a weekend full of live and film entertainment. SHFF runs from Friday, Oct. 12 – 14 at the Colonial Theater.
Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser (Image by: David Alvarez)
Zombee Channel and Cinema Insomnia kicks off the Friday event with The Zombie Beauty Pageant. The event is scheduled to be hosted by Mr. Lobo and will feature over 30 short and long films showcasing horror on the big screen.
Opening night features a showing of 1988's "Night of the Demons," with director Kevin Tenney in attendance.
 "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," will also be showing on Friday with live performers also taking the stage. The.1975 film will bring many fans to the event and is sure to make fans sing along as the film is shown.
Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser (Image by: David Alvarez)
Last month a fundraiser for the 6th Annual Sacramento Horror Film Festival was held at the Greens Hotel located at 1700 Del Paso Blvd., on Sept. 21. The fundraiser, known as Zombiefest, brought dozens of horror film fans to the Greens.
Zombiefest was a fundraiser that included live entertainment and zombie short films. Tim Meunier, Producer and Founder of SHFF and his crew put together an enjoyable show.
Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser (Image by: David Alvarez)
As guests mingled they also visited several vendors on hand. Anthony Leano had CDs, DVDs, posters and other horror genre materials on hand. Leano talked to visitors who came to view what he had available and many stayed to hear Leano’s tales about conventions he has attended.
Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser (Image by: David Alvarez)
Other vendor boutiques included Side Show Studios, Rain’s Embellishments and others.
Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser (Image by: David Alvarez)Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser (Image by: David Alvarez)
A special performance by members of Amber’s Sweets kept the audience entertained underneath the stars at night.
Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser (Image by: David Alvarez)
Many fans came in costume and some participated in a costume contest. This was an all ages event but not many kids were in attendance.
Sacramento Horror Film Festival Fundraiser (Image by: David Alvarez)
The evening ended with a special screening of George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead.”
Like many other independent events the support of fans goes a long way to keep festivals such as the Sacramento Horror Film Festival going. The 6th annual festival includes live events on Friday and Saturday. Log on to the SHFF for further details and for a complete schedule of the films and events planned for this year.