Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't Stop the Serenity 6 - Los Angeles!

So, as a loyal fan of Joss Whedon, I HAD to make the pilgrimage to this years Can't Stop the Serenity Event! As soon as I read the Facebook post that JOSS was going to be there, I knew I had to buy my ticket! It's actually a benefit screening for Equality Now & a few other organizations to which all the money raised from ticket sales, auctions, merchandise & other donations all go to the charities! Which was one of the many reasons I had to go! The others well, let me just show you:

JOSS WHEDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moment he stepped onto stage, I couldn't keep from crying tears of absolute joy! This is a man that I have admired from the tender age of 16 people!!! Ever since I watched the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I was hooked on the brilliant genius that is Joss! And here he was, in the same room with me! (and a few hundred other close admiring fans) I can now say, I love him more that ever! Not just for his mind & creativity, but for also helping to give all women (including vampire slayers) a voice! If you look at any work he has been involved with, it always centers around a strong woman!
He's totally idiosyncratic, charismatic, geeky & humble all at the same time!

We (the audience) sang "Happy Birthday" to Joss because his birthday was a couple days before. (I actually participated in the online birthday celebration of watching select Firefly episodes on Netflix & Twittering at the same time.)

After he spoke, the chairwoman of Equality Now was introduced & presented with a check from Browncoats: Redemption (a fan film based off of Firefly/Serenity) writer/director & star. It was beautiful to see the result of fellow Browncoats donations!

(photo by Christina Tellifson)

Then there were surprises GALORE! I knew the lovely & talented Felicia Day (from Buffy, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible & my new obsession The Guild) & Michael Fairman (the evil Niska from Firefly)...but I didn't know about the others.... I hoped for the others, but had no idea until they were being introduced & walked out on the stage... Jane Espenson (delightfully talented & geeky writer from Buffy & numerous other shows)... Tim Minear (again, totally talented writer/director from other Whedon shows)... and then... (*drum roll please*) the ever talented, yummy & delicious, Captain Malcom Reynolds/Evil Preacher/Captain Hammer (*deep breath*) NATHAN FILLION!!!!!

(photo by Christina Tellifson)

And at that moment, I completely braingasmed!!! Oh yeah, full body tingles & everything! LOL!!! :) YEAH! They were all just there...sitting before me...total shock & awe!

One of my favorite parts during the Q&A was when they were asked what was the best part of being on the show/movie. It was Nathan's turn & he responded, "It's like living in heaven for a week and someone asks you what was your favorite day ... Dude, It was HEAVEN!"!!!!!!

You can see the whole Q& A panel here.

Being at that show was totally heaven for this long-time devoted fan! Even before it all started for the night, this wonderful event happened:

I met Captain Laura from Browncoats: Redemption as I was walking down the street! I see her before me and ask, "Are you Captain Laura?". She says yes, holds out her hand and says, "Hi, I'm Heather". Me: "Can I take a picture with you?" Heather: "Sure!" So unbeknownst to me at that moment, the writer/director of Browncoats: Redemption himself (Michael Dougherty) offers to take the photo for me! I felt like such a dork once I realized it was him that took the picture! Ah well, I can now say an official director took a picture with my camera! ;)

Also, this wonderful guy, Shawn Tutt performed his Whedonverse fan songs! I especially loved this one:

All in all, it was a "Mighty Fine Shindig"!

Here I am, wearing my Jayne hat, CSTSLA button, "I'm a slayer, ask me how!" button, party dress, "bite me" nylons and carrying my fantastic Buffy purse I got for my birthday!

Before I forget, I just want to thank my cousin, Jon, and his beautiful wife, Kim, for allowing me to stay with them this past weekend so that I could attend this event!!! Thank You sooooo much!!! :)

Just to pile on the geekery, I thought I should share my picture of me & the fabulous artist of many issues of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Georges Jeanty!

I met him at the Long Beach Comic Con back in April. He was totally sweet & willing to talk to this Buffy fanatic! We discussed the season & art work, talked about Joss, Felicia and comics. I even bought one of his amazingly beautiful prints of Buffy, Willow, Xander & Dawn and he signed it for me! By the way, this was the same Comic Con that I saw a scene from The Guild being shot! Oh yeah, I'm a geek!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Start of Summer with Florence + the Machine!

I bought tickets to see Florence + the Machine months ago when they first went on sale! Through my move to Santa Barbara it was my goal to make it back up north to see the concert in Berkeley - and make it I did! Florence was well worth the wait....from the moment I stepped foot into the Greek Theater it was magic! From her flowery backdrop to the birdcage lights she set up an earthy, faerie-inspired, magical feeling. She emerged on stage like a Gustav Klimt painting!

At the first note of "My Boy Builds Coffins" I knew that her voice was going to carry me into a musical escape! My heart beat faster, my skin tingled and I danced and sang harder than ever as each song played out. Her voice and stage presence is amazing! She floated around the stage dancing as she sang, beating her drum and interacted with the audience.

I was happy to hear a couple new songs and ecstatic to hear a couple played acoustically - totally incredible! Her voice is mesmerizing! You can tell she captivated the audience:

My favorite moments were probably during "Between Two Lungs" and the encore of "Dog Days are Over". I had complete body tingles as she sang. It was like she took the time to express her love into each word she belted out! I definitely felt her energy while I danced and sang along!

Sorry the video is a bit choppy, I couldn't keep myself from dancing & singing (poorly - which you can hear...lol!)!!!

All in all, a FANTASTIC night! I highly recommend to anyone to check out her music & if you get the chance, please, catch a show! She's Phenomenal!!!!

Here's my sister & I at the merchandise booth at the end of the night. Angel's showcasing my "Lungs" (the name of the album) shirt I made to wear to the concert. I made it from an Old Navy shirt & a Sublime Stitching (Vital Organs) pattern. Ultimately, the shirt didn't quite go with the dress I wanted to wear so Angel wore it instead. I read in an article that Florence likes Day of the Dead, so that combined with a fun skirt made the dress perfect for me to wear! - Plus, my mom made it :) I'm going to send Miss Flo a pair of my "Dead Frida" earrings. I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed her concert!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crafting for a Cause - Getty Owl

This weekend is the Getty Crafty show in Fremont Park!

Since I am not an active vendor, I still want to participate in helping the cause! So this whole weekend (from TODAY - SUNDAY) I am donating HALF the proceeds to the Getty Owl foundation for each pair of OWL earrings sold in my etsy shop!