Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Buffy-rific Birthday

My good friend and heroine, Buffy Anne Summers, turned 30 a couple weeks before me on January 19th. I want to take a moment & wish her a very Happy Belated Birthday!

Knowing what a huge fan I am of Buffy, my mom & sister made me something special for my own 30th birthday! They cooked dinner and dessert complete with my own Buffy grave cake & vampire bitten cupcakes!

(cake made by my sister Angel & good friend, Jacqueline)

I couldn't wait to "dig" in!
(After I made a wish & blew out the candles, of course!)

Me channeling my inner Faith (the other slayer) & her love of knives!

My niece & I also played vampire & slayer:

lurking vamp >: [


Stake in the Heart

I <3 style="text-align: center;">

Fantastic handmade gifts of monster nesting dolls & Halloween themed crayons!

A BIG thanks to my awesome family for giving me such a special treat!

Just in case you were curious about my Buffy gear:
1. My favorite Xander, Buffy & Angel pic.
2. My handmade "Mr. Pointy" wooden stake I made when I was 17.
3. No slayer is without a cross necklace...handmade by me.
4. My Claddagh ring my mom gave me when I was 18.
5. "I'm a slayer, ask me how!" button I received in a swap from Heather 76.
6. Sunnydale High Class of 1999 ring.
7. Real Holy Water (blessed by a priest).


30, it feels a lot like turning 18. You can feel the milestone. The essence of it - it's weight & maturity... and also it's cluelessness. Where do I go from here?
It's funny. I woke up this morning at the precise time I was born 8:18am; and I knew it was just going to be another day. Another day of waking up & being one day older than I was the day before that. It wasn't magical or glittery. I wasn't hiding from it or depressed. I just accepted it.

So here's what I'm thinking. I'm going to continue to pay off my debt. Fix my car. Read more ( I have too many books sitting on the shelf just waiting for me.). Work on my projects. Eat better. Be more active. And just breathe & work towards my goals of being a better me! Happy 30th to ME!!!