Monday, December 15, 2008

Day of the Dead Masks

About a month and a half ago I ran across a video from Crafty Chica! It was a wonderful tutorial on creating your own Day of the Dead masks!

I loved it so much that I decided to go out to get the supplies & make some of my own! So I had a little Calavera Mask making party with my sister & niece! Here's a slide show of what we did!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PCM's Holiday Craftacular THIS WEEKEND! - Check out the Interview....

Last week I was happily interviewed by the lovely Cheryl of Moxieville and the Petaluma Craft Mafia about myself & this weekend's show!

Here's a repost from the PCM Blog:

All in the Familigia: An Interview with Rain's Embellishments

Family. There is nothing quite like family, that is unless it's crafty famiglia, and we are so lucky to have Lorrain Garcia , aka, "Rains Embellishments" as a fellow crafty sister in this big crafty famiglia called the "Craft Mafia."

I first met Rain when she joined us for the Petaluma Craft Mafia's first show, "Craftaluma."
Rain is part of our big extended crafty famiglia, and she is part of the extraordinarily talented Sacramento Craft Mafia.

We love our Capitol City Crafty gals! Here is what I know about Lorrain, not only is she a kick-ass talented jewelry and bauble maker, she also has a fine sense of humor, is an accomplished cupcake baker and one of the best dressers I know. She and I share a deep fondness for owls, (you've all seen my owl necklace she made). Lorrain has a generous heart and not one mean bone in her body. She's also an Aquarius for those of you who were wondering. And oh, psst...she's also baaack! We are thrilled because she and some her crafty Sacramento Craft Mafia sisters are joining us for "Mafia Made Holiday Craftacular." Nope, there is nothing like famiglia. And we are thrilled to have them with us!

C: Okay Ms. Rain, please tell us how you came up with the name of your crafty enterprise.
L: Hey there! My name is Lorrain Garcia, my business is Rain's Embellishments. My business name just sort of came into being because it's my nickname Rain: I use to hang out all the time at my bf's house in grade school. She had a little brother who had a hard time saying Lorrain. Whenever he would talk to me he would call out "My Rain" it was so cute it stuck! And Embellishments because my jewelry is my embellishment!

C: Where are you located?
L: Sacramento, CA

C: Hometown?
L: Sactown!

C: Yay Sactown!! Home of Merlino's Orange Freeze and the Sacramento Craft Mafia!! Tell the folks what it is that you make.
L: Currently I've been working with enameled flower pieces, (sugar)skulls & owls!
My three favorite things of the moment. I take a variety of different beads an mold them into
necklace pendants, earrings and bracelets.

C: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about what you do?
L: I love making things with my hands! It really gives me a sense of accomplishment to take different random elements and make them into something to wear! Sometimes it's heart-breaking to sell a piece that I've fallen in love with. Other times I just think I'm making items to add to my ever-growing collection! I'll stay up many a night on a creative binge and then wake up in the morning with sore wrists & hands! I'd have to say that over-working my hands is a major draw-back. Over the summer I was actually having a real hard time with my wrists hurting, so I wasn't able to create that much. I've had to train myself to stretch before I work. Sometimes I forget, but my joints always remind me when I do!

C: Oh boy. Do I know that feeling. I used to ignore it - until one day it refused to be ignored! The pain and numbness started shooting up my shoulder and neck. Still, the pain is worth the creative binges. Speaking of which, what brings you creative inspiration?
L: Sometimes it's as easy as visiting a bead store or fabric store. Other times it's from walking through a gallery or museum...being influenced by other peoples art. Sometimes it's a minor suggestion that someone gives me. I've actually dreamt a piece of jewelry into being! I know it kinda sounds hokey, but I have definitely dreamt about placing certain colors together or various beads.

C: It's not "hokey." I'm a dreamer myself, and trust dreams and intuition. Anytime I've gone against my intuition is when things tend to go awry! Clearly, your dreams are working for you Rain. I sense an extra dimension at play when I look at your work. You have a richness and depth in your color palette as well as the design elements in your pieces. You are fearless, and I tend to admire courage and kindness in all aspects of life. What advice would you give to a designer who wanted to start a business such as yours?
L: For one thing, I have found that there are A LOT of jewelry designers out there! So I definitely recommend that you find your niche! Figure out what makes your pieces yours...figure out your "signature"!
Try something different that sets you apart! That's what your audience will notice!

C: Do you have any exciting news or future business plans you'd like to
L: Shh... it's a secret!

C: Gotcha. We gotta keep it on the "down-low" in the Mafia. LOL! Do you have any favorite crafty haunts?
L: Geez! Where do I start? I love bead stores, fabric stores, scrapbook shops....I loved the bead store I use to work at with all my heart! Sadly, BeadWorks closed two years ago! I do love visiting The Bead Fetish & Piece of Mind, Beverly's Fabric & Crafts, Rumpelstiltskin, The Scrapbook Station, Fire & Rain, Art Gallery, The Crocker...funny enough, Empire Comics, craft night at a friends house - and for that matter, my mom's sewing room!

C: Curve ball question: Sean Connery or Roger Moore?
L: Man, are you kidding, Sean Connery! He's still sexy!

C; It's that Scottish brogue, you can't figure out what the devil he's saying! Tres sexy in it's confusion! What is your favorite midnight snack?
L: Cookies & ice cream!

C: Nummy! Hard question now, Favorite book and movie?
L: Lordy, ya know... there are just too many wonderful ones to name! Empire Records, Reality Bites, Sex and the City, Anam Cara, Love Story, Harry Potter 1-7, if there is ever a Buffy movie based off the TV show, that would most definitely be on top! High Fidelity, gosh, Frida, practically anything by Michele Gondry or Sophia Coppola, the early works of V.C. Andrews...dude, I know I'm missing some other great material! Most any art book
with Frida Khalo, Gustav Klimt or Alphonse Mucha!

C: Le sigh. All excellent choices. Love Story, even the theme song to the movie makes me get a big 'ol painful lump in my throat. I can't handle it. Harry P. rocks. I'm a huge John Cusack fan. I wanna marry him when I grow up and together we shall have fifteen crafty children and a purple-painted picket fence with an orange Karman Ghia parked in front. Someday, Rain, we are just going to have to have a big 'ol sister city movie and dinner craftalong in each of our fair towns. Let's make it happen! Okay, the dinner party question, your throwing a dinner party, who would you invite and why?
L: My Grandma Carmen because I miss her laughter! My mom, sis, niece, dad, bf Chris, and my other bffs Amanda & Erin all because they are all the people I depend on the most! And when I close my eyes, they are the people I see sitting around the table! I could probably name other "famous" people, but really, I think I would just be too nervous to eat and I'd rather be enjoying the delicious meal full of warmth and laughter!

C: Now that is a typical Rain response, and why we love you so much! Thank you darlin' and we can't wait to see you and your sisters next Saturday in Petaluma!

You can find more Rain Goodness here at her blog and more about our crafty cool sisters in Sacramento right over here.

Thank you Miss Cheryl for such a wonderful interview! Hopefully, I can return the favor someday! Maybe at a craft night??? ;)

Please stop by & see the ladies of the Petaluma Craft Mafia this weekend!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Indie Sac...

...was AWESOME! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my table! Thank you also to Angel, Chris, Mom & Mari for being part of my team & helping out!!! You all always ROCK!!! Thanks to Amy, Lauren, Tamie, & Stacey for doing such a great job & putting on a phenomenal show!

I'll blog more about this show after I get my pictures developed! Until then, thank you to all who made this show incredible!!! ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Indie Sac Vendor Line-Up

Check out the line-up of Indie Sac vendors for 2008!

Vendors & Event Organizers:

Peptogirl Industries

Peptogirl Industries
kitchy + cute + FUN!
Peptogirl Industries is a small, independent company located in Sacramento, California. All items are hand-picked and hand-crafted with care by Amy Cluck. See for more about Peptogirl and her hip, handmade & vintage goods.


goody-goody is the creative outlet for Lauren Brandy, a self-described goody-goody herself. She loves combining fabrics in new and unexpected ways to create items that are both whimsical, artistic and purposeful.


Roxycraft was opened in 2003 as a pattern website to showcase the work of Tamie Snow. More than 5 years later, Roxycraft is still providing crochet and knit patterns for all to enjoy. Tamie Snow lives in Northern California and spends her days chasing her little boy and her nights crocheting her guts out! Look for her book "Tiny Yarn Animals: Amigurumi Friends to make and enjoy" in bookstores August 2008.

Sinnet Ball

Sinnet Ball
Sinnet Ball, the home of wonderful dog toys and accessories for your best friend made by Stacey Ball. All toys are handmade and dog tested Stacey's loving pooch Whisky! Made in a smoke free home and 100% machine washable. Toys come in a variety of sizes and colors and custom orders are accepted. You can also find Stacey at Bouton Blue and on her blog Pill's Place.

2008 Vendors:

Anderson Soap Company

Anderson Soap Company
At Anderson Soap Company you will find a wide range of quality Handmade Handcrafted Soaps and Bath and Beauty Products for the entire family. The Products are made using only the finest Herbs, Oils, Butters, Bases, Essential Oils and Phalete Free Fragrance Oils. No Animal Fats are used in our products and a majority of the products are Vegan Friendly!

A Dressmakers Workshop, Vintage & Handmade Boutique
Located at 1617 16th street in the beautiful city of Sacramento, California

Specializing in a fine and playful selection of vintage and handmade clothing, Atelier serves as a workshop space in the back and retail space up front. Shared by two sisters Amy & Melissa Hemmens along with longtime friend Lindsay Rickman, these young ladies work together to create the unique and artistic vision of the Atelier.

Melissa is the creative business head with her own line Threaded Heart, Amy, an Artist in the truest sense, heads her own conceptual line of NAIK FUR, and Lindsay Rickman, known to make fantastic children's clothing in adult sizes. Atelier also carries clothing and accessories from a selection of local California designers: Sapphire Cordial, Wizard Clothing, Dan Dan clothing and masks, Zac Nelson Tees, Tyrus Wilson, Nanometer, and Miss Maude Vintage.
Bliss Jewelry

Bliss Jewelry
Blissjewelry was started by two sisters with an eye for fashion. One sister expresses her girly and romantic side while the other sister feel a need for edge. With our creative collaborated minds, we produce BLISSJEWELRY.

Blue Bicicletta

Blue Bicicletta
Blue Bicicletta is the online home and art space of Davis-based artist and illustrator Nicole K. Docimo. She compares making art to “riding bikes fast, down hills, wind blowing in her hair” and loves the color blue. Most of all, she loves putting black lines onto white paper, and many of her drawings start from that simple place. She is also crazy about letters and words and keeps trying to find new ways to combine words and visual art into inspiring, funny, and lively original drawings and prints.

Chic Baby Rose

Chic Baby Rose
Frustrated with boring, and expensive options for her daughter on the way, Kristyn Kipp was inspired during her pregnancy to just make it all herself. The arrival of Addison Rose brought even more inspiration and Chic Baby Rose was born. Kristyn has always had a love of creating and making things and as a result, Chic Baby Rose is filled with unique, hand-crafted items that will put a smile on your face. is a place to shop for kids from 0-100 years old and specializes in all things cute!

Cori Crooks

Cori Crooks
Cori Crooks says she takes inspiration for her work from childhood memories. As native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she had the good fortune to grow up around many different cultures. Her Mexican tile jewelry and decorative world tiles are reflective of her old neighborhood brimming with color, be it the tiled Chicano mural on the side of the local tortilla factory, or the hand painted tiles which wrapped around the building of her community's Portuguese newspaper, or the classical roman shapes that tiled the Spanish mission down the road. These images stuck with Cori and are a direct influence on her design and use of color. She recreates these classical patterns and prints them on to miniature tiles, which then become the foundation of her wearable art. She's an artist, a musician, and a writer. Her first book, "Sweet Charlotte's Seventh Mistake", an artist's memoir, will be released this December by Seal Press. You can check out Cori's miniature Mexican tile jewelry at her ETSY shop, or read more about her artistic pursuits at

Crafty Carnival

Crafty Carnival
Missy Ballance is a crafty girl happily living in the Capital City. She has been crafting professionally since 2000, and she feels very lucky to be able to make money doing what she loves. She spends most of her crafty energy on making teddy bears and plush, but loves to dabble in paper art as well as painting.

Deranged Designs

Deranged Designs
Deranged Designs is a punk rock inspired clothing company that sells mostly handmade one of a kind items. On the website you’ll find clothing made with crazy colors and fabrics, custom hoodies and leggings with many size and color options, and custom merchandise for local bands. Deranged Designs also sells accessories (like vegan belts!), sewing supplies, punk rock patches, hair dye, and much more. This indie business is run by college student Annie Rose out of her bedroom in a big old house in midtown Sacramento. Prices are affordable and the clothes are well made.

Fat Ninja

Fat Ninja
Fat Ninja is a collaboration of Judieann Tadeo's love of origami + all things crafty and Romeo Ang's love of...well, fat ninjas. Judieann loves exploring the simple and extensive possibilities of pretty paper and origami, as well as finding various ways to recreate the Fat Ninja via Gocco, needle felting, and fleece softies. Through these crafty shenanigans, Fat Ninja offers a unique line of hand-folded origami cards, Fat Ninja softies and needle-felted charms, decoupaged coasters, and felt + fabric accessories!

Giggle Rock

Giggle Rock
Tracy Lindsey is a young mom with a lot of spunk. With two young boys and a husband at home, Tracy had little time run all over the place looking for cool gear for her kids. Using her kids and friends as inspiration, Tracy has created quality, handmade, one of a kind monster plushies, blankets, pillows and other cool baby and toddler gear. Recently her husband, Eric, has collaborated with Tracy to create custom illustrations that are featured on her pillows and prints.

Haworth Handmade

Haworth Handmade and Haworth Woodworks
Rob and Melissa Haworth are the husband and wife team behind two Sacramento cottage industries: Haworth Handmade and Haworth Woodworks. Haworth Handmade specializes in textile pieces for the home including custom tv covers, tea towels and quilts as well as paper goods made from upcycled books. Haworth Woodworks is a custom cabinetry business with expertise in kitchens and entertainment centers. Wood scraps are turned into useful items for the kitchen including wine corks, cutting boards and trivets. Find them online at:, and


Rediscovering the art of crochet a couple of years ago whilst contemplating life, inkihandmade now specializes in sewn, crocheted and printed goodies such as hankies, bags, paper goods as well as hand printed fabric. inkihandmade continues to explore many more arts+crafts avenues to bring you one-of-a-kind and limited edition items.

I Scream Seams

I Scream Seams
Handmade messenger bags and wallets, screen printed with original designs are the central theme of I Scream Seams. These lovely images are made not only for beauty, but to inspire thought and awareness. Images are available on American Apparel shirts and hoodies, bandanas, patches, scarves and recycled clothing as well.

Katie Jean

Katie Jean
katie jean is a vintage inspired collection made for home and baby. The owner, Katie Trott, uses vintage items such as tablecloths and handkerchiefs together with fresh new fabrics, in surprising ways that are a true delight to all.

Lauren DeSalvo

Lauren Smash
Lauren DeSalvo has been designing plush toys for 2 years. She loves anything fluffy and snuggly.

Little Brown Box

Little Brown Box
Little Brown Box is a husband/wife team who make and sell cute & kitschy jewelry. They believe that jewelry should not only be cute, but fun!

Miss Vicky

Miss Vicky
Miss Vicky has been in the Sacramento area since 1984. She owned her first store "Very Truly Yours" in Land Park. She hosted the first rubber stamp & scrapbook show. She now owns a store called the Funny Pharm in Colfax. She makes fun & whimsical stuff! Jewelry, canvas art, clothing, collage, seasonal products and anything else that tickles her fancy, like altered silverware. She teaches workshops and can be found at

never felt better

never felt better
never felt better is in bloom and cruelty free — since 2005! very cute, very handmade and very vegan accessories for women. crocheted scarves, scarflettes and headbands, vintage fabric buttons, soldered glass and glass tile pendants all using vegan materials for the animal lover you know.


Peek-A-Boutique is a place where you can find stylish, modern and chic items for mommy and baby! We offer quality children's clothing, accessories, bedding, nursery decorations, room accents and much more. All of our designs are handmade using only the best embellishments and fabrics from designers such as; Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Sandi Henderson and Jennifer Paganelli!

Punch Rebel Jewelry

Punch Rebel Jewelry
Punch Rebel Jewelry is designed by a Nor. Cal. female rock musician, who is creatively driven by a love for all things quirky, sparkly, lovely, and edgy. "Punch Rebel" is a combination of the nickname her mom gave her at birth (and uses to this day), and the name of her very first motorcycle.

All jewelry designs are one of a kind, custom pieces, created by blending vintage and modern findings, pendants, and baubles.

Queen Puff Puff

Queen Puff Puff
Nicole Vasbinder has designed Queen Puff Puff since 2003 and sells her retro flavored handbags and accessories throughout the United States and beyond. Nicole also owns StitchCraft, a popular sewing and craft studio in Petaluma, CA and is a founding member of the International Sisterhood of Seamsters. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Adorn Magazine, Craft Gossip, Pimp Stitch, Craft Stylish Magazine, CROQ Zine, Venus Zine and Craft.

Rain's Embellishments

Rain's Embellishments
LorRain began crafting at an early age sifting through her mothers discarded fabric scraps to make her dolls clothes. As she grew up, Rain fell in love with the art of bead jewelry making. Today Rain creates colorful one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that reflect her vibrant personality. She uses a wide range of semi-precious stones, glass, crystal and natural beads in each individual pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring.

Rosebud Designs

Rosebud Designs
one girl. lots of handmade goodness.


Think globally, think locally!

SaraJane&Co. Your source for Art Clothing and Jewelry, always different, always quality, best of all, always affordable.

We specialize in bringing you the best that local artists have to offer and your favorite brands all under one roof! forget the mall, be yourself.


Chrystine is a native of the bay area who has been sewing and thrifting since she was 9. After being introduced to the concept of re-construction in 2006, her creativity was sparked in a way she never imagined. She took two things she already loved doing, and something she always wanted to do,(start a business) and combined them to start SewBitchy. Her items are made with 80% recycled materials and lots of care. A true vintage lover, her designs combine a mix of styles and eras so you will rarley find two pieces alike. Her signature style is funky retro handbags made using vintage 80s character fabrics like Rainbow Brite and others.

Sugar Plum Vegan

Sugar Plum Vegan Bakeshop
Welcome to the world of Sugar Plum Vegan where the best things in life come vegan, organic and Sweetly Humane! This fully licensed and insured vegan bakeshop is based in the tree-filled land of Sacramento. All of their items are wheat free and they also carry gluten free delights and raw snacks. Sugar Plum Vegan is dedicated to freshness, quality and committed to excellence in Vegan Baking. Step into a sweeter reality with one of their delectable treats!


Sushipie sells super amazing hand knitted accessories you will treasure and brag about. Her original designs are classic, fun, and colorful. She knits using fine natural fibers such as alpaca, merino, angora, silk, and wool tweed. Sushipie also crafts a few knits with rescued yarn for the super hero in you.

Velvet Surrender Designs

Velvet Surrender Designs
Velvet Surrender Designs is a creative team made up of two rogue art students with a passion for vintage fashion a love of old world style. After not being able to find the kind of feather hair pieces they wanted to wear in stores or online, they decided to make their own. They soon found out that it wasn't just them that were looking for something that was wearable everyday yet looked sophistocated, that could be dressed up or dressed down and still look gorgeous. Each piece is one of a kind, unique and made with careful thought and creativity.

Why Girls Go Astray

Why Girls Go Astray
Why Girls Go Astray art collective formed in Chicago in late 1999. We've always had a love for working with paper and textiles. In past years we've produced pillows, t-shirts, letterpress postcards, magnets, and decoupage furniture. There's always been a certain look-and-feel to our products: bold colors, vintage images with a dash of camp and always with a sense of humor. Right now we are quite keen on paperweights and vases.


My name is Julie and together with my mom Janet we started Zuliblu. My mom is an award winning quilter and I love making pieces that are fun and eye catching. We create and sell items that make us happy. We make fun children's clothing and accessories as well as accessories for women. Our women's accessories include felted handbags and crochet wrist warmers.

Info borrowed from!

Indie Sacramento is Coming -- THIS WEEKEND!

(Repost from Nov.)
Indie Sacramento will be on December 6th this year! The location has just been announced to be at 2409 J Street (previously the Bicycle Chef building) Midtown Sacramento.

Doors will be open from 10am - 6pm. There will be a $2.00 admission fee or $1 with a canned food item! Children 12 and under are free! The first 150 visitors through the doors will receive a free swag bag full of goodies from the vendors at the show! Also, there will be free crafts for the kids, a fashion show, door prizes, and refreshments!

Spread the word:
Take the pledge to shop local this holiday season! Copy the code below to add these badges to your website, blog, or MySpace.

Shop Local: Take the Pledge

Shop Local: Take the Pledge

Shopping local helps support your community!

Here's some pictures from last years fashion show @ Indie Sac:

Please stop by and visit! Enjoy some music & shop from local crafters! I look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hand Born This Weekend!!!

Off The Air Website Hand Born Website Email Julie! Climber's Website Critter's Website Zoe's Website Jub's Website Matthew David's Website Hand Born Modern Craft Bazaar!
Saturday, November 29th, 6-11PM
Indoors at 5 Locations!
1202, 1205, 1211, 1303 and 1526 J Street in Downtown Modesto

Shop for Hip Handmade Clothing, Jewelry, & Accessories from a showcase of artists. There will be over 50 vendors, a fashion parade, live music, DJ's and a raffle to benefit the Modesto Library. All at 5 locations on J Street in downtown Modesto - Deva Cafe (1202 J Street), Concetta (1205 J Street), Bang! Bang! (1526 J Street), Rage Hair Studio (1211 J Street) and Queen Mabs (1303 J Street).
Visit for more information.

Bring CA$H To Purchase Hot Items From Just a few of the Participating Vendors Below! (Click photos to go to websites)

Armour Sans Anguish


Rain's Embellishments

Charming Co.
Mama Cow
Mama Cow


Miss Evil Kitty

Lost and Found

Recover Your Thoughts




Almond Blossom Jewelry

My Relax Pax

Michelle Sandoval

Fine Art - Jim Christiansen

Miss Allphabet

Original Bliss

Oh My Peaches

Orysachi Inc.

Allies Adornments

Uncommon Ephemera

Grouse and Badger

Sew Bitchy

Dancing on the Porch


Villain Accessories

LJ Scooters


My Wood Rose

Velvet & Tweed