Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Plea to Ellen DeGeneres about GLITTER!

Definitely something to smile about!

A Plea to Ellen DeGeneres about GLITTER!

I fully support Crafty Chica in her campaign!!!Here's a couple of photos of me using her glitter at the Sac Craft Mafia Meeting (thanks Yoli for the pictures! ):

Friday, May 23, 2008


So I just signed up for this:

And I'm so excited I can pee! (Not really, but you get my drift!) ;D

Now I have to get busy making beatiful jewelry to sell so that I can make all the payments!!! Did I mention I have an etsy store? (Shameless self promotion, I know!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

OH to Dream!

How I would LOVE to join this retreat! Sadly, it's all booked! Besides, I doubt I would be able to afford it!
Such beatiful things that you could make in their workshops! I'll keep dreaming until the day comes that I could actually attend! ;)

Check it out! (http://www.anahataart.com/page/page/5750828.htm) Their artwork is phenominal!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey Folks! The Sacramento Craft Mafia is having a fundraiser/rummage sale! This is your chance to pillage through our old oddities and craft supplies! Please come and check it out! Also, please tell all your friends/family who live in the Sacramento area about it!!! Thanks!

Craft Alongs!

(Copied from the Sac Craft Mafia Blog:)

With the overwhelming response from our community, Sacramento Craft Mafia is looking to connect with all of our wonderful supporters.

To that end, we are really excited to announce "Coffee N Craft Along"!

A monthly "Craft In" where we can post up, get cozy, enjoy the delicious coffee and eats at Java Lounge, and get our CRAFT ON!
You DO NOT need to be a Craft Mafia member-and the events are free, unless you feel like donating a lil somethin' to the Sacramento Craft Mafia. All you need to bring is cash for coffee (NO CARDS at Java Lounge, my friend!) your craft supplies, friends if you want to and your crafty self.

Java Lounge is a cozy, anti- corporate coffee house HEAVEN and is the perfect location to inspire your creativity! Please visit the myspace of JAVA LOUNGE.

Everyone is welcome to participate! We are planning to have one our Mafia members on hand to do a craft demonstration of their choosing. We will have a list of suggested supplies you can bring with you if you would like to attempt a "mafia" craft. I will continue to post each month's theme and list of supplies here on our blog, so stay tuned.

Otherwise, bring whatever YOU enjoy crafting in the company of other craft enthusiasts and MAFIOSAS!

These monthly craft events will be held ON THE SECOND TUESDAY of each month starting at
6pm. Craft demonstrations will start at 7pm and you are welcome to stay till the Java Lounge closes!

Java Lounge, being the fab gem that it is, is also working up on some great entertainment/music
to craft to with their arsenal of DJs!

Our very first CRAFT ALONG will be on Tuesday, June 10th, starting at 6pm.
It will be a fiber-themed craft along and I (Shonda/Ignition/Mafia Prez.) will be on hand crocheting baby hats. You are welcome to sit with me and my bag of yarn! Or bring whatever craft you like!

I hope to see many of the crafty friends we have made along the way in our first year-and with this fun new venture we hope to meet many more!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sex and the City

Oh My Goodness! I just saw one of the new trailers for Sex and the City : the Movie! All I have to say is that on May 30th, I will be at my local movie theater with my best girlfriends!

I remember the night of the final episode...I left work that Sunday with just enough time to get home and start watching the special extras followed by the last show. I got all dressed up (in an old bridesmaid dress...shhh!) and sat in the dark living room of my parents house to say goodbye to one of my favorite all-time shows (to those of you who know me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a much "big"ger deal! I was literally besides myself when that last episode aired; but just imagine how I would be if that movie came to theaters!!! I'll just keep praying to the Joss Whedon gods! But I've veered a bit off topic... :D ). It was beautiful and spectacular and she (Carrie) ended up with the guy I wanted her to be with: BIG!

I can't wait! I'll probably make some ridiculously large flower brooches for my friends and I to wear, a la Carrie. Make Cosmos and dress-up to see the movie!

And now, I will leave you all with some fantastic pictures to drool over!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I really don't mean to neglect my blog...

...time just gets away from me and I forget to blog!

I sold a necklace on Etsy this week! It was awesome because I had just literally put it up there the night before!

I got covered in glitter today, which is always fun! We made matchbook shrines at the Craft Mafia meeting tonight.

Before I forget, I'll be at McMartin Realty's (21st & K) 2nd Saturday this weekend! See you there!

Okay, time for bed! I promise to blog more later this week!