Thursday, May 31, 2012

2011...My 30th Year in Review

I was trying to compose this in February around my 31st a review of what a fun 30th year I had and hopes for many other adventures to come.  Well, here it is now - three months after the fact. Indeed I have already had many other adventures in my 31st year; but here's a recap of the 30th year to enjoy!

(Sorry some of the pictures are sideways) :)

My totally awesome 80s rock party put together by my besties Amanda & Erin!

I lived in Santa Barbara for three months for work. Mostly I enjoyed all my spare time at the beach. Rough live 'eh?  I had a terrific time! Sadly, things just didn't work out and I moved back to NorCal. 

While living in SB, I went to Disneyland with my sister and her family for my niece's Spring Break! We met up with our cousins for some fun dining and adventures on the many rides!

Two days later I went to Long Beach Comic Con and was elated to see part of the taping of the fifth season of The Guild! Oh yeah, I was in the same room with Felicia Day! :)

I also got to meet the fantastic artist of Buffy Season 8 (and now 9), Georges Jeanty! He was super sweet and listened to me gush about Buffy & Joss. He told me that Joss is a cool person to talk to as is Felicia. I bought one of his art prints and he signed it and took a picture with me :)

A few weeks before I left Santa Barbara, my mom & godmother came for a visit. We went all around the town and to the neighboring Solvang. We are indeed the Three Amigos when we're together! I love these ladies to death!

Once I was back home, it was time to celebrate Erin's 30th in San Francisco! Breakfast at the pier, midday at a street festival and drinking at a local pub. Dinner at Gracias Madre - absolutely delicious Vegan dining! And salsa dancing at night!

My sister and I danced our tushies off at the Florence + the Machine concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley!

Later that month I traveled to San Pedro to spend some time with my cousin Jon and his family. While there we went to the Korean Bell and then I got to go to a little movie/party known as CSTS 6 (Can't Stop the Serenity)!

I was in the same room as JOSS WHEDON!!!! *Gasp!* Along with Felicia Day, Jane Espensen, Tim Minear and (drool) Nathan Fillion!!!! (Yes, I am still in complete AWE! I go to a happy place every time I think about it! And let's face it, I have geek bragging rights for the rest of my life!)

While in LA I drove past the famous Molly Malone's...birth place of Flogging Molly!!!

I was both incredibly awed and inspired by the art of Tim Burton and costumes of Colleen Atwood at the LACMA

My fellow bead girls and I had a day of yumminess with a pool party and food right before we went to see the final Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows Part II

I vended my jewelry at a few shows. The above was the Petaluma Craft Mafia's "How the Craft was Won" Show. My aunt and cousins were there to show their suppor.

I was also at the San Francisco Gift Show along with Spanglish Arte. Happily, five different boutiques picked up my jewelry! Yay!

In September, my dad and I took Amtrak cross-country to Niagara Falls, NY. It was a fantastic trip to see a good chunk of the land of the good 'ole USA from a train car.  It was also a good opportunity for my dad and I to reconnect. It's weird, I almost lost him ten years ago when he got hit head on while riding his motorcycle. And after all that heartbreak, stress and drama we had drifted apart. This trip was really great for us to bond and just get to know the people we are now. On the trip back we stayed an extra day in Chicago (I am in love with Chicago, btw...I plan on living there at some point in my future!) and took a trip to the Skydeck. The view is incredible! Yes, that's really us in a plexie-glass box hanging over the city of Chicago.  Such a trippy feeling to be up so high and just have a (large reinforced) piece of glass between you and the pavement below!

Here I am, behind the scenes of Scraps:

Dressed in homage of Penny from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog!

I spent a little time as a house-sitter/dog sitter around the holidays.

Went on a day trip with mi familia to Nevada City for their Christmas festival! This was the picture I sent with my Holiday cards...along with this one of us on the deck of the USS Enterprise from the original series. 

We went to the Aerospace Museum's exhibit waaaaayyyyy in the beginning of the year (before my birthday). It was so awesome to see all the Star Trek memorabilia! 

Ended the year as chaperon for my niece's Winter Masquerade Dance. 

So there you have it folks! My 30th year in review! Many many thanks to all my friends and family for making it a memorable one! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scraps, The Official Premiere!!!

This past Friday (May 25th, 2012) was the Official Premiere of
 Scraps, A Short Film!!!!!

I was so nervous the whole day... I knew I would finally be seeing the scene I  was in. I was afraid that my "acting" would be horrible! I was afraid people would laugh (and sure, my sister did, but I had to laugh at her scene as a nun ;)  ). Luckily, with careful editing, I did not seem to be all that bad! : D
That was a major highlight to the evening! The other HUGE highlight: being a part of someone else's art & vision! And to that, I THANK YOU Melody! Your script/screenplay ROCKED!

I arrived to the Tower Theater in Roseville with my sister and my niece - both of whom, are also in the film - and was greeted with this terrific Marquee!

We semi helped with the set-up. Angel greeted folks and sold tickets to the showing.  While I sold the Scraps Swag and raffle tickets. 

The buttons, magnets and movie posters are all really cool shots from the film. The bookmarks had quotes from the film. The funniest one being, "I can't believe your mom is crazy" (guess which one I bought?). 

Conner was singing really great Raconteurs songs in the front of the theater.

Miss Imani, Director extraordinaire, passing out hors d'oeuvres.

My niece trying to hide from the camera next to the movie poster outside the theater. 

The audience eagerly awaiting the VIP screening!

Both Imani and Melody introduced the film. Imani spoke about the artist's vision, and being able to share it with everyone there. Melody expressed her thanks to everyone who helped with the film, friends and family. Appreciation for time and sacrifice (it was a teary moment). 

Then the film began with these two slide shows: 

Afterward, we all partied!
It was fun to see all the people involved in the filming. Thank you again Melody for allowing me to be part of this moment!

Here's pictures of Angel & I being divas; posing in front of the marquee: