Monday, March 31, 2008


At work we usually take in repairs. A few days ago I took in this one inch topaz drop cabochon. My customer wanted some sort of wire wrap with a bail. So I thought it would be easy enough to just do a four prong wrap with a loop at the top...Wrong! After four failed attempts which included a variation of pronging, hammering the wire, swearing, etc...I finally brainstormed to doing an all over zig-zag prong - And it worked! I felt so happy with my final result! I just wish I had a picture to show!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Taking a break!

Last week I walked into work to find DISASTER!!! They just started doing remodeling to the store next door! Here is a picture of some of the damage (bead chaos):

I had to clean up most of the damage, which is so tedious and time consuming (such a pain in the you know what!) that I was more than happy to find out that I got part of this past weekend off! My boyfriend and his buddies decided to make use of me finally having a real weekend day off to play disk golf! The guys usually go out to the local course off of Oak Ave. and Hazel. Yesterday, however, we made the trip through the Golden Gate to San Francisco park!

To any of you who have never heard of disk golf, it's basically the traditional game of golf played with "Frisbee" disks, and you aim towards a basket instead of a hole in the ground! (For more info check out I've played a few times with them and have one disk of my own, but I still need tons of practice! I have to throw a few more times than anyone else to get towards the goal! It also becomes a bit of a hike...a hike for which a crafter who does a lot of sit down work is feeling today! (Seriously, if I played a few times a week I'd be in a lot better shape!) I still had fun and getting out of town, for even a couple hours, was fantastic! Plus, the course is beautiful and woodsy that you don't even feel like you're in the city!
Here's a few pics of everyone in-between shots:



Tiffany & Curtis

Just a random picture of one of the many beautiful logs of wood on the course!

Sorry, no pictures of me!

Neglecting my Blog!

So I haven't written a new blog for a few weeks...and for that I apologize! Here's a little bit about what's been going on! (Just as a disclaimer, I don't have a digital camera so all the following pictures are from my camera phone!)

Getting ready for the Fibertastic show ended up being a bit stressful because I really did not have too much time to work on my projects because of other personal commitments. Nevertheless, it was an awesome show! My sister, Angelica & I shared a table (I will have pictures by next week. They're being developed & then I'll scan them into my computer - I so need a digital camera of my own!) Anywho, I did make this cute little owl necklace that I sewed this adorable owl fabric into a stuffie pendant! It didn't sell so I gave it to my niece, Marianna, for her birthday! She loves it and that makes me happy! :)

Speaking of making my niece happy, I put together a little Easter basket for her - including a bunny I made using one of Missy's patterns ( They're too cute! I also included some little chickies and "peeps" along with a necklace I made using this little lampwork bunny we were selling at my bead shop (
Meanwhile I've had swap projects. Here's a couple of pictures of my felt sugar skulls:
This one reminds me of my grandma's embroidery!
Last, but not least I busied myself the Saturday night making chocolate-dipped strawberries to which my roommates enjoyed eating!