Monday, March 24, 2008

Neglecting my Blog!

So I haven't written a new blog for a few weeks...and for that I apologize! Here's a little bit about what's been going on! (Just as a disclaimer, I don't have a digital camera so all the following pictures are from my camera phone!)

Getting ready for the Fibertastic show ended up being a bit stressful because I really did not have too much time to work on my projects because of other personal commitments. Nevertheless, it was an awesome show! My sister, Angelica & I shared a table (I will have pictures by next week. They're being developed & then I'll scan them into my computer - I so need a digital camera of my own!) Anywho, I did make this cute little owl necklace that I sewed this adorable owl fabric into a stuffie pendant! It didn't sell so I gave it to my niece, Marianna, for her birthday! She loves it and that makes me happy! :)

Speaking of making my niece happy, I put together a little Easter basket for her - including a bunny I made using one of Missy's patterns ( They're too cute! I also included some little chickies and "peeps" along with a necklace I made using this little lampwork bunny we were selling at my bead shop (
Meanwhile I've had swap projects. Here's a couple of pictures of my felt sugar skulls:
This one reminds me of my grandma's embroidery!
Last, but not least I busied myself the Saturday night making chocolate-dipped strawberries to which my roommates enjoyed eating!

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