Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday SALE!!!!

I've been meaning to put some older and smaller jewelry pieces on sale from $5 to $20 each. This Cyber Monday is your perfect opportunity to purchase some wonderful necklaces from my shop!

Also, as an added bonus....
Here's a coupon code you can use at checkout:

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Vivafest with the San Francisco Symphony was INCREDIBLE! Along with friends from Spanglish and Sugar Skull Art, it was a landmark event to remember! It was RAD seeing my jewelry in the Symphony Shop as my Rain's Embellishments Pop-Up Shop for the day! The bit of the SF Choir and Symphony I saw was phenominal! And oh, all the fantabulous Dia de los Muertos inspired costumes! I was in heaven!

Here's my pictures from the event:

Panteon de Sacramento

I didn't participate in Panteon de Sacramento this year because I was already committed to other shows; but I did get the chance to take a quick peak around to see the altars made by the loving people of my city!

 Perla & PXC Designs

Open Art Market for Kids Halloween

Open Art Market at Vox has become a Last Sunday event
 put on by the Gorilla Knitting Crew. When it was announced that we were doing a show for kids, I knew it was time to become Lenore:
Hi! I'm Lenore, the Creepy Little Dead Girl!
I fell in love with this comic (Lenore) by Roman Dirge...
I couldn't wait for the chance to dress up as her!

 Monica & Miche

 Photo by FStop Imagery