Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Weekend for the Farmer's Wife Boutique in Petaluma!

This is the last weekend for the Farmer's Wife Barntique at the Adobe Pumpkin Farm in Petaluma! If you have a chance, please stop by. My jewelry is there along with a ton of other wonderful goodies made my local artists!

Fri - Sun:10:00 - 5:00

October 31st - Halloween 10:00-5:00

Rob on the Road with Spanglish Arte!

Back in late July I had the opportunity to be part of the taping of this segment of Rob on the Road (KVIE) show at Spanglish Arte!
You can see a bunch of my jewelry in the video footage. Mari is actually wearing a pair of my earrings. If you look reallly closely, you can see my side & my hands working on jewelry. I'm wearing my rose ring. Enjoy the art-E!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scraps! "An actress tale..."

My friend, Melody, wrote a script for a short film, Scraps. She asked me to be an "extra" for their shooting of the laundromat scene. So I happily accepted my part as an "extra"! Little did I know that I would have to actually act! Yeah! :)

Here I am post makeup (done by my sis, Angel):

Totally sleepy-eyed, but ready to be in the background & fold laundry.

Before that day Melody and I discussed what I should wear that day. Both of us being Dr. Horrible fans, she sent me this picture on my Facebook page:

(Felicia Day as Penny & Neil Patrick Harris as Billy, aka Dr. Horrible.)

I told her that I would have to see what I had in my closet. I decided on my "naughty maidens" (fabric I got from a few years back. If you look close you can see sassy maidens showing a little leg in their dresses. My mom made the dress!) dress because it had all the colors of Penny's outfit in it. It would have been great if I had my little cap sleeve white cardigan, but guess what? It was in the laundry! lol! And seeing as I was up the night before at the Midtown Vampire Pub Crawl (hence the sleepy eyes in my previous picture), I didn't get any laundry done!

Here I am between scenes with my basket o' laundry:

The director gave me my direction and I happily, or normally, folded my laundry... I put clothes into the washer... and then I found out I really had to act! I'm not going to give the scene away, because you will ALL have to see the movie, but here I am waiting to do my part:

I just have to laugh because I do not look thrilled at all in this picture! I felt bad because as previously mentioned, I was prepared to fold my laundry in the background and call it a day. Then I find out I had to do this "acting" which I was not at all prepared to do! Ah well, it was fun! And now I can officially say that I'm in a movie! :) *giggle* I met a lot of fun people on set which made for a good time talking about movies & Whedonesque things between takes! Thank you Melody for making me a part of your movie!

Panteon De Sacramento - THIS WEEKEND!!!

I will be vending here THIS WEEKEND!!!

Please stop by and check out all the NEW Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings
I have in stock!
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Please remember, this is a "CA$H & Carry" event! ;)
Detailed listing of the event & workshops below.

(Copied from the La Raza Galleria Posada Facebook Events Page)

Dia de los Muertos: El Panteon de Sacramento Events & Workships (Oct. 29-30)

Día de los Muertos is a traditional Meso-American holiday dedicated to the ancestors; it honors both death and the cycle of life. In Mexico, neighbors gather in local graveyards to share food, music and fun with their families and extended community, both living and departed. This most personal of all Mexican holidays, Dia de los Muertos has become an international phenomenon in recent years, and acknowledges the belief that death is only another phase of life from which we both shrink from and celebrate.

Whether in the day, or bathed in the light of the moon, upon entering LA RAZA GALERIA POSADA'S Panteon de Sacramento @ J St. & 20th St. in midtown Sacramento, one immediately feels that it is a place of memories and, the presence of those who have passed. 50 large alteres, created by individuals, families and non-profits.This is free, all are welcome.

Panteon de Sacramento Event and Workshop Programming*

Sábado 29 de octubre (11am-10pm)

& 20 th St.

11am Panteón opens to the public

Opening Ceremony- Danza Azteca-Xantotl(Unification)

12-2pm Workshop*-Cempazuchitl-Flower Making


2-5pm DJ Larry Rodríguez

2:30pm-4pm Workshop*- Mask-painting


4:30pm Workshop*- Mask-painting


4:45pm Marco Ferrero presenting “Hidden Truth-La Viuda de Don Marcos”

5:30pm Poetry Reading by Escritores del Nuevo Sol

“Recordando a Nuestros Antepasados”

and open mic to follow

6:30pm Performance by Eduardo López Martínez-Direct from México!


10 pm Panteón closes for the night. Re-opens at 8am tomorrow.

*All workshops are on the first come first serve basis and while supplies last.

Domingo 30 de octubre (8am-8pm)

8 am Panteón re-opens.

12pm-6pm DJ-Albeert Garnica playing oldies, rancheras, viejitas, and other requests($1/song)

12-2pm Workshop*-Cempazuchitl Flower Making


2:30pm-4pm Workshop*- Mask-painting


4:30pm- Workshop*- Mask-painting


7:30pm Closing Ceremony

Monday, October 24, 2011

Handmade Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!
I'm always happy whenever October rolls around because this spooktacular month features my very favorite holiday, Halloween! :[ (<---That's my happy vampire smilie)

You get to dress up in a costume, which let's face it, is probably one my absolute favorite things to do! When I was younger, and old enough to be left alone, I would always rummage through my mom & sister's closets to try on dresses & high heels! I start dreaming up costumes waaay in advance then narrow down my list to what I really wanted to be! Most Halloweens my mom makes my costume. Occasionally I sew a little myself or I augment some outfit with the proper accessories to go with it!

You also have tons of fun craft projects to create! I got a head start this year (because my jewelry is in a couple boutiques for the season) and made a bunch of earrings & necklaces.
Today I carved a pumpkin & baked the seeds for a treat!
Here's a little of what I've been working on craft wise:
(I promise I'll do another post for those costumes I mentioned earlier)

The conglomeration of projects!

My necklaces & earrings that you can find & purchase here!

Roasty toasty pumpkin seeds!
(a little butter, salt, cinnamon & sugar. Bake @ 350° yum!)

Googly-eyed pumpkin
(Inspired by the Martha Stewart magazine)

Knit Candy Corn Cap made by my mom & ready to purchase here!

Shrine made using Crafty Chica products
for my Tia Chalia & my Grandma Carmen
(So this is more Day of the Dead, but I made it a while ago & never quite
finished it, so I decided to put it out as is! - I can always work on it more...)

Obviously, I've been having some fun!
Have to say I love the photo editing options that I can do with my Picasa 3 photo program along with some spice from Picnik!

Sweet Treats everyone and...

Macabre Beauties

New Lovely Pendant Necklaces available in my Etsy shop!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flying Keys

For all you Harry Potter fans out there!