Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scraps! "An actress tale..."

My friend, Melody, wrote a script for a short film, Scraps. She asked me to be an "extra" for their shooting of the laundromat scene. So I happily accepted my part as an "extra"! Little did I know that I would have to actually act! Yeah! :)

Here I am post makeup (done by my sis, Angel):

Totally sleepy-eyed, but ready to be in the background & fold laundry.

Before that day Melody and I discussed what I should wear that day. Both of us being Dr. Horrible fans, she sent me this picture on my Facebook page:

(Felicia Day as Penny & Neil Patrick Harris as Billy, aka Dr. Horrible.)

I told her that I would have to see what I had in my closet. I decided on my "naughty maidens" (fabric I got from a few years back. If you look close you can see sassy maidens showing a little leg in their dresses. My mom made the dress!) dress because it had all the colors of Penny's outfit in it. It would have been great if I had my little cap sleeve white cardigan, but guess what? It was in the laundry! lol! And seeing as I was up the night before at the Midtown Vampire Pub Crawl (hence the sleepy eyes in my previous picture), I didn't get any laundry done!

Here I am between scenes with my basket o' laundry:

The director gave me my direction and I happily, or normally, folded my laundry... I put clothes into the washer... and then I found out I really had to act! I'm not going to give the scene away, because you will ALL have to see the movie, but here I am waiting to do my part:

I just have to laugh because I do not look thrilled at all in this picture! I felt bad because as previously mentioned, I was prepared to fold my laundry in the background and call it a day. Then I find out I had to do this "acting" which I was not at all prepared to do! Ah well, it was fun! And now I can officially say that I'm in a movie! :) *giggle* I met a lot of fun people on set which made for a good time talking about movies & Whedonesque things between takes! Thank you Melody for making me a part of your movie!
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