Monday, October 24, 2011

Handmade Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!
I'm always happy whenever October rolls around because this spooktacular month features my very favorite holiday, Halloween! :[ (<---That's my happy vampire smilie)

You get to dress up in a costume, which let's face it, is probably one my absolute favorite things to do! When I was younger, and old enough to be left alone, I would always rummage through my mom & sister's closets to try on dresses & high heels! I start dreaming up costumes waaay in advance then narrow down my list to what I really wanted to be! Most Halloweens my mom makes my costume. Occasionally I sew a little myself or I augment some outfit with the proper accessories to go with it!

You also have tons of fun craft projects to create! I got a head start this year (because my jewelry is in a couple boutiques for the season) and made a bunch of earrings & necklaces.
Today I carved a pumpkin & baked the seeds for a treat!
Here's a little of what I've been working on craft wise:
(I promise I'll do another post for those costumes I mentioned earlier)

The conglomeration of projects!

My necklaces & earrings that you can find & purchase here!

Roasty toasty pumpkin seeds!
(a little butter, salt, cinnamon & sugar. Bake @ 350° yum!)

Googly-eyed pumpkin
(Inspired by the Martha Stewart magazine)

Knit Candy Corn Cap made by my mom & ready to purchase here!

Shrine made using Crafty Chica products
for my Tia Chalia & my Grandma Carmen
(So this is more Day of the Dead, but I made it a while ago & never quite
finished it, so I decided to put it out as is! - I can always work on it more...)

Obviously, I've been having some fun!
Have to say I love the photo editing options that I can do with my Picasa 3 photo program along with some spice from Picnik!

Sweet Treats everyone and...

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