Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scraps, The Official Premiere!!!

This past Friday (May 25th, 2012) was the Official Premiere of
 Scraps, A Short Film!!!!!

I was so nervous the whole day... I knew I would finally be seeing the scene I  was in. I was afraid that my "acting" would be horrible! I was afraid people would laugh (and sure, my sister did, but I had to laugh at her scene as a nun ;)  ). Luckily, with careful editing, I did not seem to be all that bad! : D
That was a major highlight to the evening! The other HUGE highlight: being a part of someone else's art & vision! And to that, I THANK YOU Melody! Your script/screenplay ROCKED!

I arrived to the Tower Theater in Roseville with my sister and my niece - both of whom, are also in the film - and was greeted with this terrific Marquee!

We semi helped with the set-up. Angel greeted folks and sold tickets to the showing.  While I sold the Scraps Swag and raffle tickets. 

The buttons, magnets and movie posters are all really cool shots from the film. The bookmarks had quotes from the film. The funniest one being, "I can't believe your mom is crazy" (guess which one I bought?). 

Conner was singing really great Raconteurs songs in the front of the theater.

Miss Imani, Director extraordinaire, passing out hors d'oeuvres.

My niece trying to hide from the camera next to the movie poster outside the theater. 

The audience eagerly awaiting the VIP screening!

Both Imani and Melody introduced the film. Imani spoke about the artist's vision, and being able to share it with everyone there. Melody expressed her thanks to everyone who helped with the film, friends and family. Appreciation for time and sacrifice (it was a teary moment). 

Then the film began with these two slide shows: 

Afterward, we all partied!
It was fun to see all the people involved in the filming. Thank you again Melody for allowing me to be part of this moment!

Here's pictures of Angel & I being divas; posing in front of the marquee:

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