Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Masters of Whedonverse Pub Quiz

I'm always looking for fun things to do. So when I saw a Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz based on Joss Whedon lore, I knew I HAD to join the fun! Admit it folks, this is the quiz i was meant to ace!
Last week I made the trek across the causeway to the G Street Wunderbar in Davis. I arrived to the bar without a team - hoping to find one. And find a team I did! These lovely, fellow Sacramentans and Whedon aficionados!

I had to go with the group that had the Jayne hat, right?!

Here's the lowdown from the Geeks Who Drink page:


yessir Capt tight pants 67
the ambassadors 65
corporate toolst browncoats 35
Team old men 14

Rocked It with Four BITCHES!!!
(FYI, I'm one of the four! ;))
There is so much that I want to say but I can’t damn’t!! I can’t because then people would know some of the questions to the other quizzes!! Hmmmmmm.. this is what I can say, there were shits of the night and good parts of the night. The shit part was there was four teams that participated, definitely thought there’d be more like ten… maybe fifteen.. But the teams were full of great people with money to use for drinking and it was small but intimate! That would be the good part of the four teams that showed. The other major good that happened tonight was people bringing their A game bitches! And despite the fact there were four teams, it was super close all the way through. We had a new team show up, The Ambassadors an all women group that found out about Whedonverse through FB and decided to show up. They were close up there with our regulars Yessir, Captain Tight Pants all night; neck and neck whole way through! So four-shmore! It was fun. At one point I saw the bartender helping a college student with her chemistry homework.. I feel like that happens only in Davis. You go anyway and someone can help you tackle what a hydrogen covalent bond is and its’ charges. I thought that was super cute. Maybe that’s how bartenders hit on patrons, “I can’t figure out why those Atoms are squared?”, “That’s okay…” says the bartender, “I’ll square your atoms.” Ugh! Bad joke. Sorry 'bout that.

Hella birthday’s tonight too! So happy birthday to the girl at the bar and the guy with the receding hair line! The drunk guy who shouted out an answer in R8 because he was totally annihilated by that point. His team was out of third by three points and he was all, “Dude, we’re soo out of it!” I was like, no you’re not dude! Then he kept running his mouth (ya know, the drunk guy who thinks he’s hella funny but isn’t. Actually more often than not he’s embarrassing) so I said to him, “dude, you cannot hold your liquor at all! You’d be the worst date. You are the epitome of what women can’t do!” that did it. And for five minutes I could finish the rest of the quiz. The quiz! Let’s get to it!

Okay, for those who are reading this wondering what’s gonna be on it, I’m not saying anything. But it’s fair! It’s about as specific as our other quizzes. You’re in for a treat. So The Ambassadors, and Yessir, Captain Tight Pants were close all night, after the first two round The Ambassadors were up by two points. After the second scoring session Yessir, Captain Tight Pants came back and took the lead for a couple of rounds before The Ambassadors took the lead once more. But late in the game Yessir, Captain Tight Pants took the lead by jokering in the final round of the night, Edging them over The Ambassadors by two points!! They ended up taking the loot tonight! Corporate Tools and Browncoats took third also in the eigth round, hanging on by their skinny-skin-skin in all the other rounds then finally jokering late in the game!! It was a ton of fun! You missed out if you didn’t get to come out tonight. I’m not gonna be there next week, but I’ll see you the following week. Have a good night and good luck to everyone else planning on hitting the Joss Whedon Quiz this week!!

My team had been neck and neck with the winners, even ahead for a few rounds...Only to be defeated by TWO measly points in the end! Talk about grrr arrgh! I still feel good about the game though because the winning team had twice the amount of players we had. And in the end I feel pretty secure in my Whedon knowledge! Just keepin' it Shiny!

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