Monday, April 2, 2012

My Earth Hour

Every once in a while I like to participate in swaps. Most of them are craft related and I make some fun projects... Others are internet related.  I recently came across one that I could not ignore. It was simply PARTICIPATE in EARTH HOUR! So I dutifully researched Earth Hour and signed up for the swap. The message/cause is simple: Unplug yourself for one hour on March 31, 2012 at 8pm (your time) - WORLD WIDE! Here's a video to give you an idea of the Earth Hour mission:

If you're my friend on facebook, you might have seen my posts asking for you to participate with me(*****Earth Hour is THIS SATURDAY 8PM - 9PM!***** Please unplug yourself and enjoy the starlight/moonlight/candlelight! I know living in the city can make this hard, but please just for this ONE HOUR enjoy yourself with the simpleness of the earth!).  Now, I know I'm not always the most earth-cautious person, but I do try to do my part in little ways (i.e. recycling, repurposing, re-using my old envelopes when shipping out orders or swapping). In either case, I unplugged myself for an hour, and this is what I did:

(beautiful screen shot huh? lol!)

My original idea was to go up to Auburn or Placerville and just look at the stars. But since my battery is dead in my car, that idea got nixed! Plus, I figured that taking a drive for Earth Hour would be counter-productive to the the cause since it would put more exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. Then I thought, why not do what I do best? Let's make some jewelry! NOW I know how tricky it is to attach crimp covers by candlelight! o_O It was fun doing what I do, readjusting candle positions as I worked on my projects. It gave me a greater appreciation for daylight and light bulbs. It also gave me a good feeling to unplug along with millions of others across the world!
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