Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Must See: Scraps Premiere Event

Hey folks! Remember my tale of being an "actress" for a day? Yes *nod*, No *shake*, Maybe *furrow brow*...?!? *crickets* 
Well, I have fantastic news! Scraps is going to be having it's very own premier next month! WOOT!!! How awesome is that?!

(Repost from IndieSacramento Blog)

Friday, May 25, 2012, 7-10pm
Tower Theatre - Roseville
417 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678

Doors open at 7pm.

This film is rated PG13 (for profanity and depictions of activities related to a mature theme). Unless your child was involved in the film, it would be best to not bring them.

$5 suggested donation at door. Cast and crew members, and donors are FREE. There will be a guest list at the ticket booth.

Following the screening, we will be holding a reception where we will be serving hors d'oeuvres and beverages, sparkling cider and tap brew.

*Due to the volume of anticipated viewers, and that the theater seats a total of approx. 227 people, it is noted here that priority will be given to cast/crew members and their families.*

Scraps is a short film about Maggie, a tween-aged girl burdened with not knowing where she came from. Her story begins at infancy during her last encounter with her mother, which involves a spontaneous and deranged baptism. Being born again to a string of foster parents, Maggie reminds herself that even though her life seems bleak, it can always be worse. She survives on scraps of kindness from others, but longs for something more. She paints pictures of her real parents in her imagination and prays for the day when mere survival isn’t her primary concern.

Maggie’s life-long desire to know her origin ends when she convinces herself that her mother is Rhonda, the local ranting homeless woman. As she tries to save Rhonda from a life of "tricking-for-treats", she is disillusioned by the status of her mental health and realizes that even if she is her mother, she is no longer capable of mothering.

Starring: Meghan Case, Kirsten York Saetes, Marina Montes
Directed By: Imani C. Davis
Screenplay By: Melody Claussen-Furry
Produced By: Melody Claussen-Furry

Visit the Scraps Premiere event page for more info.

What's even more awesome? Check this out: 
Yep, that's my sister & I in the credits 
(as Sister Mary Catherine & Screaming Laundromat Lady)!
Please check out the event page and perhaps you will see me rockin' it on the red carpet! (Just please don't laugh too hard when you see my horrible acting!)
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