Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't Stop the Serenity 6 - Los Angeles!

So, as a loyal fan of Joss Whedon, I HAD to make the pilgrimage to this years Can't Stop the Serenity Event! As soon as I read the Facebook post that JOSS was going to be there, I knew I had to buy my ticket! It's actually a benefit screening for Equality Now & a few other organizations to which all the money raised from ticket sales, auctions, merchandise & other donations all go to the charities! Which was one of the many reasons I had to go! The others well, let me just show you:

JOSS WHEDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moment he stepped onto stage, I couldn't keep from crying tears of absolute joy! This is a man that I have admired from the tender age of 16 people!!! Ever since I watched the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I was hooked on the brilliant genius that is Joss! And here he was, in the same room with me! (and a few hundred other close admiring fans) I can now say, I love him more that ever! Not just for his mind & creativity, but for also helping to give all women (including vampire slayers) a voice! If you look at any work he has been involved with, it always centers around a strong woman!
He's totally idiosyncratic, charismatic, geeky & humble all at the same time!

We (the audience) sang "Happy Birthday" to Joss because his birthday was a couple days before. (I actually participated in the online birthday celebration of watching select Firefly episodes on Netflix & Twittering at the same time.)

After he spoke, the chairwoman of Equality Now was introduced & presented with a check from Browncoats: Redemption (a fan film based off of Firefly/Serenity) writer/director & star. It was beautiful to see the result of fellow Browncoats donations!

(photo by Christina Tellifson)

Then there were surprises GALORE! I knew the lovely & talented Felicia Day (from Buffy, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible & my new obsession The Guild) & Michael Fairman (the evil Niska from Firefly)...but I didn't know about the others.... I hoped for the others, but had no idea until they were being introduced & walked out on the stage... Jane Espenson (delightfully talented & geeky writer from Buffy & numerous other shows)... Tim Minear (again, totally talented writer/director from other Whedon shows)... and then... (*drum roll please*) the ever talented, yummy & delicious, Captain Malcom Reynolds/Evil Preacher/Captain Hammer (*deep breath*) NATHAN FILLION!!!!!

(photo by Christina Tellifson)

And at that moment, I completely braingasmed!!! Oh yeah, full body tingles & everything! LOL!!! :) YEAH! They were all just there...sitting before me...total shock & awe!

One of my favorite parts during the Q&A was when they were asked what was the best part of being on the show/movie. It was Nathan's turn & he responded, "It's like living in heaven for a week and someone asks you what was your favorite day ... Dude, It was HEAVEN!"!!!!!!

You can see the whole Q& A panel here.

Being at that show was totally heaven for this long-time devoted fan! Even before it all started for the night, this wonderful event happened:

I met Captain Laura from Browncoats: Redemption as I was walking down the street! I see her before me and ask, "Are you Captain Laura?". She says yes, holds out her hand and says, "Hi, I'm Heather". Me: "Can I take a picture with you?" Heather: "Sure!" So unbeknownst to me at that moment, the writer/director of Browncoats: Redemption himself (Michael Dougherty) offers to take the photo for me! I felt like such a dork once I realized it was him that took the picture! Ah well, I can now say an official director took a picture with my camera! ;)

Also, this wonderful guy, Shawn Tutt performed his Whedonverse fan songs! I especially loved this one:

All in all, it was a "Mighty Fine Shindig"!

Here I am, wearing my Jayne hat, CSTSLA button, "I'm a slayer, ask me how!" button, party dress, "bite me" nylons and carrying my fantastic Buffy purse I got for my birthday!

Before I forget, I just want to thank my cousin, Jon, and his beautiful wife, Kim, for allowing me to stay with them this past weekend so that I could attend this event!!! Thank You sooooo much!!! :)

Just to pile on the geekery, I thought I should share my picture of me & the fabulous artist of many issues of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Georges Jeanty!

I met him at the Long Beach Comic Con back in April. He was totally sweet & willing to talk to this Buffy fanatic! We discussed the season & art work, talked about Joss, Felicia and comics. I even bought one of his amazingly beautiful prints of Buffy, Willow, Xander & Dawn and he signed it for me! By the way, this was the same Comic Con that I saw a scene from The Guild being shot! Oh yeah, I'm a geek!
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