Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 3


This was a hard task today seeing as there was not a cloud in my sky! Needn't fret, I have a whooole BIG collection of cloud & rain related goodies (my name's Rain after all!)!!! I couldn't find everything, but here's my random collection of clouds:

(top - bottom) The cloud table cloth my mom made for me when I was just beginning to vend my jewelry. Beneath it, my fuzzy little lamb that looks like a fluffy cloud. "Tickles to Tinkles" shirt I got from My copper enamel sun pin (that I made in jewelry class years ago) to help set the sky. Grumpy Bear & Eeyore pins - cause let's face it, they LOVE <3 clouds! Little birdie pin I picked up at a craft show from Chic Baby Rose. And my rain confetti from GFetti. So there you have it, CLOUDS! :)

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