Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Earring Give-Away!!!

Earlier this week, I posted on my Facebook page that I would be having an Earring Give-Away! Today I went through my earring collection and picked three pairs that stood out to me & snapped a picture...a litte photo lovin' and we have:
1. Exotic Feathers 2. Green Sleepy Owls 3. Confetti Cupcakes.
I am going to pick three names out of a hat; and give each person a set of one of the above listed earrings.

Now, here's the details of how to win one of these fun pair of earrings:
1. "Follow" me on my Blog.
2. "Like" me on Facebook.
3. Please leave me a comment (on either Blog or Facebook) for which set of earrings you would like me to give you.
***You must complete ALL 3 steps to be entered in the drawing***
It's that easy!

You have until Tuesday (August 9th) to enter to win!
On Wednesday (August 10th) I will post who the winners are!
Please SHARE this post with all your friends, family, neighbors, etc.! The more, the merrier! :)


Scrapmakers said...

I'm leaving you a comment...I love you and your jewelry! Proud owner of a few of Rain's Embellishments!

Rain said...

Happy yo like the Embellishments! :)

Angel said...

I would love to have the feather earrings :)

Analilia said...

Hey Rain!

I'm a follower on both your FB and on Here:)

Entering your contest:
I love Owls. Anything Owl is for me :)

<3 Ana

Rain said...

Thanks for entering ladies!