Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 6

Childhood Memory

For most of my childhood, I was my school's Tiger mascot. My mom must have made me at least a half dozen different tiger costumes (starting from the age of 4 and ending around 11). The prints would vary depending on what she could find. This is one of the last ones I wore in the 5th grade.
I remember going to practice, wanting to be like the older girls. I would go to the games and do all the cheers and dance routines. One year (I think I was in the third grade) I even won the award of "Best Mascot" out of all the other 20 or so mascots! >^..^< I still carry around that award whenever I have something big going on in life as my good luck charm! I loved being that mascot...that's why I chose it as my childhood memory!

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