Thursday, July 31, 2008

Viva Midnight Mass!

Midnight Mass was HOT! Literally! Hot cars, hot bikes, hot ladies, hot guys...oh yeah, and I over-heated (and almost fainted) just as the show was starting!

I had arrived late and was in a rush to set up! Unfortunately, being in a rush in close to 100 degree heat is not a good thing! Luckily, my car was right there and I was able to sit in it with the AC drinking water to cool down! Thankfully, I was sharing a space with Stacey - She gave me a Gatorade and that helped me feel a whole lot better in no time!

There was a lot to look at between the fancy cars and pin-up worthy dresses the ladies were wearing. The bands were playing and everyone had the daddy-o vibe. Too bad that vibe didn't foster too many shoppers! There were plenty of looky-loos throughout the day. Fortunately, there were just enough shoppers to make it worth the time and effort!

My sister, Angel, was sweet enough to watch my booth while Chris & I walked around and drooled over the cars!




Stacey trying on a corset

While we vended, we danced a little to the music, posed for some pictures with J (who was in the booth right next to us), and just took it all in. Before I knew it, it was the end of the night: time to pack up and go home! Thank you Miss Shonda for allowing me to participate! Thank you to Stacey for helping me survive the heat! Thanks to Angel & Mari for helping me vend! And Thank You always to my Chris for always helping me transport my goodies to every show!

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