Monday, July 7, 2008

Sex and the City Movie Day Pictures!

So as you might of guessed, I LOVED Sex and the City The Movie! I actually planned a girls day to have brunch, watch the movie, and party. The night before I made party favors and special SatC cupcakes! Chocolate with whipped cream cheese frosting and pink sprinkles, of course!

On movie day I woke up and put on my party dress to go downtown to meet the girls (Me, My Mom Kathy, My bf Amanda, her mom Debi, and my Godmother Donna) ! We were going to eat at the River City Brewing Company but had to wait for them to open, so we shopped around Macy's for a while. To stay with our theme for the day, we perused the shoes, purses, and jewelry. Finally the brewery opened and we had our first round of Cosmos for the day!

Yummy & Delicious!

Debi enjoying her Cosmo

Then I passed out my party favors: pink martini glasses! Inside was a "Carrie" flower, a pearl & pink crystal bracelet, and a Party Girl Mad Lib!

(I love this picture!)

Amanda & her Mad Lib

Mom putting on her flower

Donna smiling

We ate, wrote out our Mad Libs, laughed our butts off and drank a couple rounds of Cosmos. Then we went to watch the movie! OMG! I loved it! I laughed, I cried....I laughed harder and cried a bit more! Afterward, we took pictures by the Downtown Plaza Carousel:

Mom & I

Me & Amanda

Amanda & Debi

We headed back to my casa when we were done taking pictures. We ate cupcakes, had cheese & crackers, as well as a salad! Amanda mixed up more Cosmos and we played the Sex and the City Trivia Game. The ladies started getting upset with me because I knew all the answers...I just spent the previous two weeks watching all six seasons of SatC! (I know! I'm a nerd!) When all was said and done, my mom and I (very inebriated) went for a swim!

So there you have it! My "Sex" day in a nutshell! (pun intended! =p)

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