Sunday, January 25, 2015

Facebook Art Jewelry Challenge: Day 5

Day #5 of The Facebook Art Chain, Art Jewelry Challenge, initiated by Donna Greenberg. The rules are simple: post one of your pieces, per day over 5 days and nominate another artist each day to continue this challenge.
I was nominated by the brilliant designer of Jimmie Joy Jewels, Cherys Jenkins! Thank you so much!!
Today I am posting for my final day of the Art Jewelry Challenge. I've been quite conflicted as to what to post for the final day. I finally decided that I would post a necklace that I originally made to sell, but fell so deeply in love with it that I could not part from my Black Raven Necklace. As previously mentioned, a couple days ago, I love dark creatures! The crow, or raven, is one of them!
I made this necklace using a conglomeration of objects. The base of the center is spray painted stamped brass feather with multiple dangles including: Resin cast Crow cameos, Hummingbird skull charms, Feather charms, Shark teeth and various chain bits. After I claimed ownership, I removed the matte onyx strand and elongated the chain. I clearly LOVE this necklace as I've worn it 100+ times! smile emoticon
Today I nominate Khristan Lamb of GypsyLamb Jewelry . Looking forward to seeing your designs!
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