Friday, January 23, 2015

Facebook Art Jewelry Challenge: Day 4

Day #4 of The Facebook Art Chain, Art Jewelry Challenge, initiated by Donna Greenberg. The rules are simple: post one of your pieces, per day over 5 days and nominate another artist each day to continue this challenge.
I was nominated by the brilliant designer of Jimmie Joy Jewels, Cherys Jenkins! Thank you so much!!
Today I am posting not one, but multiple pieces of one entity I am best known for: Dead Frida. Frida has been a constant source of beauty, strength, inspiration and admiration for me! The Tres Fridas Necklace was my first introduction into making any of my Dead Fridas. I remember after I had made the necklace a friend told me, "It's the best piece I've ever seen you make!". My calaveras have always conveyed happiness and life versus darkness and the macabre (Which don't get me wrong, I love dark creatures also, but I always want people to be happy to wear my art!). I've most widely used carved bone skulls in my necklaces, bracelets & earrings. But I have also incorporated Czech glass, Magnesite, and rhinestone-studded skulls in my designs. All are usually accompanied by flower blossoms made from carved coral, Czech glass, Vintage German glass or lucite. I also love to use a ton of color and African Trade Beads with my designs!
Today I nominate Juliette Smith of Raindancer Designs. Looking forward to seeing your designs!
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