Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Then & Now

My how time flies! It's amazing to see a little girl grow before your eyes!
It's also amazing to see a man survive a tragic accident!
A little over nine years ago my dad got hit head-on when he was coming home on his motorcycle. It was a beautiful bike...# 8 out of 100 in that style! Needless to say, the bike didn't survive - thankfully, my dad did survive! After a month in the hospital & countless months of recuperation, he was able to get out on a new bike and ride!
This picture was taken the summer following that accident:

My niece was just a little thing at the time! She always loves to get on the motorcycle with her "Tata"! Here she is now all grown...a month away from being 12! She's already taller than me! (Not that that takes much! Everyone who knows me, knows how vertically-challenged I am! - LOL! :D )

It's just crazy to see what a beautiful young lady she has become! As mentioned, she is about to turn 12 years old! And for this occasion, her mother (my sister) and I are planning a special Alice in Wonderland themed event! Tea party, costumes, jewelry and a viewing of the new movie in 3D!!! Please stay tuned to see the projects we (my mom, sis & I) are working on!
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