Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Pillows!

I don't know about you & your spouse/significant other, but my boyfriend and I are always fighting for possession of the pillows! So when I saw that Beverly's was having a sale on fiber-fill, I traveled over there and purchase a couple bags to make some new pillows!

My mom had purchased and given me the owl fabric months ago, and I finally decided to turn some of it into one of my pillows! The other bird fabric I bought at IKEA to make curtains. I still had a bit left over and made my mini pillow. I thought that it was awesome that when I stitched the seam, I miraculously matched up the print! I wasn't even trying! Usually if I do it all goes horribly wrong and off center! So I was pretty proud that this one came out even (maybe just a hair off!?) : D

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