Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Stitch in Time - Part II

Here is something intense! My grandma Carmen stitched this some time ago. My mom pulls it out for special family dinners with my dad's family. Now you have to understand, my grandma had arthritis so bad that her fingers curled. She was a phenomenal artist non-the-less! Aside from embroidery, she painted, carved wood and made paper sculptures! Here's a look at her amazing stitching:

The time it must have taken her! I love all the colors!

It's a face of ???


Pear, apple and bananas

An eye

I have to imagine this is an outline of her hand!
If it is, we have the same size hand!

It looks like a flower in a raindrop! :D

Beautiful bird!

You can probably tell from this photo that she re purposed a cloth rice sack! Yes, this use to be just a plain ol' rice sack! She use to recycle/re purpose things all the time! As above mentioned she made paper sculptures as well. This is a picture of one of her birds:

She created it using either a cardboard soda or beer box! Then she wrapped it in masking tape and painted it. And the eyes (you'll love this) are the little ball beads from rubber bands!!! (Remember those, you would wrap them around your pony tail and one would click over the other!) She used the same technique to paint her couch! (minus the cardboard boxes!) More pictures on that infamous couch later!
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