Friday, May 29, 2009

A Project for my Niece

A while back ago I had to force myself to stay away from doing swaps on Swap-Bot. But while reading another blog, I came across a swap for making a Coraline Box. This was also just after I had taken my niece to see the Coraline movie in RealD. (Anyone who hasn't seen a movie in RealD is really missing out! It's sooo much better than the old red & blue 3D!) So I decided that I would do this swap with my niece!

It took me a while to get around to it, but I finally got around to putting my box together. 

I used and old cardboard soda box to construct the frame for my box. Then I covered it in scrapbook paper, buttons (using glue dots - my new favorite tool!), and Stickles glitter.  When it came to finding the perfect button "eyes" I used these adorably cute button earrings  from Peptogirl Industries swag. And I created a pillow for the "eyes" using fabric from Katie Jean fabric swag.  The rest of the goodies were just a miscellany of sewing supplies from my arsenal. I also couldn't pass up making her a coral bracelet!

The most fun part of the project was giving it to Mari - Watching her open it & then taking pictures with the BIG button eyes!
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