Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Day of Service

So today I went for Jury Duty. About the least exciting thing about this was that I had to be awake and someplace by 8am. Now I realize millions of people have to be at work at 8am everyday...but I've grown spoiled from my job at The Bead Shoppe and usually don't have to be to work until 11am on a daily basis.

I got downtown in time and found parking at the jury lot. Then I had to go through the metal detector (my purse through the x-ray machine) and go upstairs to check in. Once upstairs I joined the mile-long line of fellow jurors. Once checked in I had to fill out a survey that asked basic background questions and then wait for instructions. So I waited by starting to read a comic book (The Watchmen) my friend loaned me. They called the first couple groups of jurors and then started a movie.

Every once and a while they would stop the movie to call a new group to different jury rooms. Right after the first movie ended and the second one began they decided to free us for a lunch break. It was really nice to step outside for some fresh air. I found out that there was an open farmers market at Caesar Chavez park at lunchtime on Wednesdays. I perused the fresh fruit, veggies, flowers and bread but sadly realized I had no cash to take advantage of the market. So I walked back across the street to La Bou for a delicious Thai wrap & basil pasta salad! (yum!) On my break I called a couple of people and made several texts to my boyfriend. Then I walked around Central Library and then back around outside to enjoy the beautiful day. 

Eventually I had to head back inside the court house.  I caught the end of the second movie and then they began to call for more jurors. Again I sat and waited. When they started the third movie I began to doze off for a nap. Then I was startled awake for the announcement of another group. After a few minutes I dozed back off and awoke about 20 minutes later with a neck cramp. Texted my sister while being tortured through the end of the third film. Towards the end of that, they announced that the remainder of us would soon be released for the day. 

My day of waiting soon ended (around 3:30) and I was permanently released from jury duty...for the next 18 months at least! It really wasn't that awful of an experience. And now I know what to be prepared for the next time I'm called. 

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