Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crazy for Cameos!

I've been working on new projects projects recently - especially since my busy part of the year is right around the corner! 
(Halloween & Día de los Muertos) 

Experimenting with tea staining a few pieces. Wondering if each piece is better with or without the staining. Please tell me what you think: is the skull better with or without staining?! I think it's good for some depth and contrast. But I also crave a bit more color in my work. I think the tea staining helps the whiteness of the subject from seeming so blah!

I know this is a horrible camera phone picture, but I wanted to show that I peyote-stitched bezel set this piece. I feel it's sort of "old school" but please give me your opinion! Like? Dislike? I know I still need to string it into a necklace. I'll get on that and try to post a new photo soon!

And... I just received these beauties in the mail as I was writing this post! I can't wait to play! Ahem, work with these! :)

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