Thursday, August 30, 2012

Art in Sacramento 

Come see the works lighting up Midtown!

The owners of Red Dot Gallery are now the proud owners of
Gallery 2110 and the Sacramento Art Complex!

Main & Loft Gallery Reception // September 6th, 5:30-8:00 PM

2nd Saturday // September 8th, 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Tesia Blackburn and Skip Lee will be showing at the Main Gallery in Gallery 2110 this month.

More information will be available soon on the new Gallery 2110 & Sacramento Art Complex website coming this month!

Tesia Blackburn

Tesia Blackburn is passionate about the formal tools of art; line, shape, color, form, texture and light. She often works in series, taking inspiration from music, architecture and the world around her. Her paintings are built-up of many, many layers of paint - with an eye to translucent color and luminosity as well as a thirst for strong design. The goal of Blackburn’s work is to capture harmony and beauty in seemingly simple elements, resulting in an inspirational visual experience for the viewer. (Top Left)

Skip Lee

Skip Lee’s dramatic compositions, expressive use of color, and the interplay between dark and light, come together to create a brooding yet sublime conveyance of life. The combination of color, texture, and structure contribute to visual experiences that result in each viewer’s unique interpretation. His paintings can be as serene as a poetic interlude, or illusory as a surreal dream. Lee’s intelligent, and intuitive approach to abstraction, place him in the ranks of this area’s important visual artists. (Top Right)

Joseph Mele

The abstraction of human form and gesture excite Mele. Working on pieces large and small, he uses a variety of material including canvas, wood, foil tape, metal, charcoal, paint, inks, and mixed media. (Bottom Right) Read more

Kathy Oja will be at
Loft Gallery in 
Gallery 2110 this month.  

More information will be coming soon to the new Gallery 2110 website!

Kathy Oja
Although she was [happily] artistic during early childhood, as a young adult, Kathy Oja found herself searching for answers to “the big questions.” Quite often, in the world of scientific and medical research, in philosophical inquiries, and in life itself, questions posed lead to unexpected discoveries. After a lifetime of creative pursuits, blended with career and family, Oja now faces her own mortality, and continues to seek answers to the same “big questions.” To her surprise, what she is discovering in the process is herself, and who she is as an artist.

This month at 
Red Dot Gallery


Don Reich

Don Reich was a long-time, prolific Sacramento painter whose artistic style evolved radically over his long career. Born in Martinez to a working class family, he was largely self-taught as an artist. (Top Image)  Read more

Lisa Neal

Born into a family of artists, Lisa Neal’s creative journey began with surface decoration and interior design. She enjoys blending old and new furnishings to create visually balanced spaces. (Bottom Left)
Read more

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