Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For Ryan

I'm not sure if I've ever voiced this here on my blog or not, but I hate watching the news. Usually it's just plain depressing (in my mind)...So I look for other outlets to stay informed on current events. A couple months back I stumbled upon the Philip DeFranco Show on YouTube. PhillyD is a good-spirited human with views similar to my own so I "subscribe" to his show & his affiliate SourceFed. One SourceFed's "20 minutes or Less" stories completely touched my heart today and now I am sharing that with you:

(Warning: It may make you tear-up/cry)

I decided to participate in Ryan's Banana Split Party:

My banana split 
(Fage Blueberry Greek Yogurt &Banana) 
with my niece! :) 

Just going to the Facebook event page and seeing every one's photos just gives me warm fuzzies for my fellow humans. 

Ryan's story also reminds me of Miss Getty. My heart just goes out to all families struggling with harsh issues! It makes me grateful that my niece (who is my "baby") is in great health (aside from her loose kneecap ligaments to which she must wear orthopedic braces - to keep her kneecaps from popping out of socket - and go to physical therapy)! Hugs and Kisses for these sweet babies <3

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