Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunshine Tutu

I made a Sunshine Tutu for my niece (girlfriend's daughter) for Halloween!

Here's how I did it:

1. First cut out 3-4 different colored pieces of tulle in varying shades of orange & yellow. I cut 8 pieces of each tulle...two shades of yellow & two shades of orange = 24 triangles.

2. Do a zig-zag edge stitch along two sides of your triangles with matching thread.

You should get a nice pile of edged pieces

3. Get a piece of ribbon and straight stitch your triangles onto it. You'll want to cut the ribbon to twice the length of the waist measurement.

Stagger your pieces along the ribbon so they lay unevenly.
Lay orange on top of yellow...yellow on top of orange to create depth .

4. Trim any tulle points that might sick out along the top edge of your ribbon.

5. Get a thicker piece (at least twice as wide as the base ribbon) of ribbon and fold it evenly over the front & back of the base ribbon.

You can't really tell from the top picture, but I took my long ends of ribbon & tied them in a bow in the back of my niece. Pretty easy project!
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