Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanks to all!

Thank you to all the well wishers for my show in Petaluma! Thank you to Cheryl & everyone from the PCM for being so great! I had a ton of fun making trades with everyone! Thank you to all my customers too! Thank you to (Aunt) Ruth for letting Chris & I stay at your home; you're a truly generous soul! - He can't wait to go on the plane ride you mentioned to him! You're fantastic!

Thank you to Yoli for taking my "Dead Frida" Calavera earrings with you to your show in San Francisco! You Rock! Thank you to Diana for covering my shifts at work while I was gone! You're amazing! Thank you to Chris for always being there for me! I Love You! Thanks to mom & Angel & Mari for helping me prepare! Thanks to Ed for helping me stuff my swag bags! ;) You are all amazing people!!!

Thank you to Melissa for featuring me in your blog!

Repost from Purple Deer Vintage:
Etsy/ Crafter Jewelry Collection

My first collection post!

There is so much talent on Etsy and the craft world I can't even begin to describe how wonderful all of the crafts are! But I'm starting with my personal jewelry collection. Most Items above came from Etsy, and some from other craft sources.

First off (above) the most important jewelry I've ever received, my engagement ring and wedding band. Mario ordered the lovely piece from a local designer at SingleBbeautiful on Etsy.

1. Poodle Breath: I can't tell you how many times I've been stopped by strangers when I where this necklace. And it's the same reaction every time, "O.M.G.! Where did you get that necklace!? I love it!" I then proceed to calm them down and tell them Poodle Breath on Etsy. Usually the more whimsical pieces are not my style, but this one is so clean and perfect for day or night. I absolutely love it!

2. Garnish Home: I probably where these earrings the most....Almost everyday. They are my favorite piece to throw on when I'm rushing in the morning out the door. You will fall for her modern nature designs as well.

3. Heart Design Jewelry: I saw a very similar necklace on J. Crews site going for around $200 smackers! And this little humble designer of Bangkok is making an amazingly similar one for a very reasonable price! I where this piece for cocktail parties, and fancy dinner parties. It makes my skin glow and I love it.

4. Colleen Durkin: My twin! My love! Came to visit it me from Chicago one year and brought her own handmade gift just for me! I love it and highly enjoy wearing this piece...I feel like a native princess. Now all though she does not craft she does amazing photography for all to see. Maybe if you be-friend her she'll make you a feather friendship earring too!

5. Noli Goods: Back when I was still doing some craft shows, with my own personal jewelry, I attended my very first Indie Mission Mart. My booth was right next to Noli Goods. It's a two in one Necklace! My favorite side has the little Gnome, but the other side has gorgeous white leaves swirled in to a navy background. Sturdy and cute everyday necklaces!

6. Local Library: Okay I know everyone loves this shop! I fell in love at first sight, great prices, clean, modern jewelry that can be worn with just about anything! The latest one I've been eyeballing is Angels/ Braids III.

7. Laurenelgee: My poor other earring is missing in action! But I know it's in the house's just a matter of where. But anywho...I love her earrings! I've received countless compliments on that pair as well, and it goes so well with your basic every day jeans and black t-shirt combo.

8. Rain's Embellishments: Now this piece I actully did not get on Etsy, but lucky for you she is on Etsy. I used to work with Lorrain back in my Sacramento days. One year for my birthday she made me the cutest mushroom knot bracelet...And I love it still to this day.

9. Nervous System: (Sorry for the not so clear image, this was a hard piece to capture) On my vintage tweed blazer this brooch stands out so WELL! I love wearing this little guy, so sophisticated!

10. Ach Ach Liebling: My first year of living in San Francisco I attended Bazaar Bizarre and feel in love with just about every vendor. But especially Ach Ach! This cute little woodland squirrel will brighten any cold, foggy winter day. My boss may make fun of me for calling my inner animal the squirrel but I'm proud. :)
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