Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Hedwig" Snow Owl Bracelet

Hello! Here's the second installment of my Harry Potter inspired Projects:
"Hedwig" Snow Owl Bracelet Tutorial.

Gather your Supplies:
1 - Owl Button (Found @ Jo Ann's)
1 foot Softflex wire
2 - Crimp Beads
1 - Hook Clasp
(I made mine using about 3 inches of Sterling Silver wire)
A Variety of white pearls & "crystals"

Start by clasping the button side of the bracelet.
String on a crimp. Run your wire through a wire guard.
String through the button and then back down through the crimp bead.

String your beads in your desired pattern.

Clasp the hook on the other side of your bracelet.

Trim off excess wire.

Enjoy your bracelet!
: D

This one's for my niece!
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