Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!

It's funny, I can remember back to my second grade year of school. It was the presidential campaign for George Bush Sr. & Michael Dukakis. My teacher, Ms. Aguirre, was having us vote for who we thought should be the next president.  She had us lay our heads down & raise our hands anonymously.  Our popular vote was for Dukakis. As she was erasing the chalk board that held the tally, she told us that the vote was leaning more towards Bush Sr., and he was our president. 

A few years later, when I was in sixth grade,  I remember walking over to the school library so that we could watch the inauguration of Bill Clinton. I remember being captivated watching the swearing in of the president on the big screen t.v. on the library floor!

When I was a sophomore in my U.S. History class I sat and listened as Mr. Reamer told my class about the death of JFK and the hope of the future with his brother, Bobby Kennedy. He told us that a lot of young people put their hopes and dreams into Bobby...and then how they were diminished by his assassination. When I was a sophomore, I couldn't imagine the awe and wonder about putting my hopes and dreams into a presidential candidate. That was until this year, when I saw Barack Obama step up to the plate. 

It's amazing how watching this presidential inauguration brought tears to my eyes as I saw Obama become our new president! I can only hope that Obama will be able to run our country to the best of his abilities. And I can only dream that we find a few answers for the difficult times that we are facing!

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