Thursday, April 24, 2008

When baking goes WRONG!

It was my boyfriend, Chris', birthday this week. I decided to bake him a angel food cake. Mind you, I've never made one before; but I bought the Betty Crocker mix and I figured it would be a cinch! I scanned the directions and poured water in a large metal bowl, added the mixture and then whisked it all together. I thought that I had found a large enough baking dish for it, so I poured everything in it and threw it in the oven. About fifteen minutes into baking, this is what I found:

It had already started to ooze over the top and around the sides of the dish onto the oven rack! I decided to shave the outter ooze off and let it bake some more!
Chris, of course, had to take pictures of me trying to salvage his cake! I allowed it to bake some more until the outer edges seemed nice and golden and crispy. Sadly, as I removed it from the oven it was still moving around like jello! Deciding to bake it some more I stuck it back in the oven with foil over the top so that it wouldn't burn at a slightly cooler temperature. Unfortunately, it made the top sink into the rest of the cake! A bit broken-hearted I took it out of the oven to cool.
Pathetic and concaved, I stuck twenty-eight candles in it, gathered the friends and roomies to the kitchen to sing "Happy Birthday" to Christopher. He blew out all the candles at once and everyone had a good laugh at my failed attempt of baking an angel food cake! Luckily, I had strawberries and whipped cream and peanut butter cup ice cream on hand!
After serving up the berries and cream, everyone (including myself) poked at the sad cake! Now I know to find a much larger dish for next time! Also, I'm seriously going to work on my cooking and baking skills!
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