Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Love Letter to Malcolm Reynolds

Bao bay,

I saw your face on a wanted poster the other day. It made me think, who is this man that haunts my thoughts? I’ve never even met you; but I can only hope that one day we might have the chance to complicate one another.
Just envisioning you in your tight pants and Brown coat makes me tyen-shaio duh! ~ Shiny!
Let us, you and I, find a moon to ourselves.
Where we can misbehave long into the night…jen mei NAI-shing duh FWO-tzoo!

Sheh-sheh for making this ‘verse a better place!

With Love,

So yeah, my favorite local comic book shop is doing a love letter to your favorite comic book character (for Valentines Day) & I decided to join in on the fun! There's a lot of borrowed quotes/language from the show (Firefly)/movie (Serenity). Also, all the unintelligible language is suppose to be Cantonese that I got from the (Firefly) Cussifly app. What can I say? "I love my Captain"! :)

Taking another thought about who I might have written a love letter to, I could have easily written one to Xander or Spike! (My other great comic book loves/lusts!) :D But I figured that writing one to Mal might give me greater odds for winning the contest since the guys at Empire are big Firefly fans. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I win free comics!

just for fun....

My Love Letter for Alexander "Xander" LaVelle Harris

Dear Xander,

My insides do a Snoopy dance every time I see you! I go into fits of nonverbal-ness in your presence! I would be willing to break my diet just to stuff Twinkies in my mouth with you. I would hide out with you until danger goes away! (Preferably someplace cozy enough for snuggles!) I would sing (off key) with you while wearing my nightie while we eat breakfast. And most importantly, even though you don't have any "supernatural" powers, you are the strongest link in the "Scooby" gang because of your immeasurable amount of heart! And I will love that heart with all of mine until the end of time...or until the next Apocalypse kills us!


P.S. You make eye patches look sexy!

Georges <span class=Jeanty Xander Harris Comic Art">

My Love Letter to William "the Bloody" aka Spike

Hello Cutie!

I still remember that evening so vividly. You put your arm around me and held me close. I could feel your coldness and your warmth all at the same time. I felt like I was in inch from death in your arms....... (and....the rest of this letter is going into the direction of being alll too descriptive of the thoughts in my head at this moment. So I will just stop there! lol!)


Have a good night folks! I hope it was a good Valentines Day! <3
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