Monday, September 12, 2011

Curtis Fest - Wrap Up

Like most shows I do, I stayed up really late finishing projects just to wake up really early to trot out to the show & set up my goodies to sell! Which is why you won't see any pictures of me because I looked like a zombie until I ran to Starbucks to get a large mocha & then I was just hot & sweaty (because it was hot outside) once I was alert ...and you probably don't really care, so on to the pictures! lol!

My jewels, my mom's knitting/sewing/crocheting & Erika Ashley with her 23rd Year goodies

Fun aprons

family friendly petting zoo

Totem Sculptures

Tapigami Lampshades

Live Music

Fun Potted Succulents

Stained Glass

Rad Art Paintings

Hand painted "Sugar Skull" earrings by me :)

This was a family friendly event. Made me wish I had brought my niece's crayons to sell! Ah well, can't win them all. Did have one really great sale that day that covered the cost of my table, plus put a little something in my pocket :) !

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