Monday, November 15, 2010

Score for Team Rain's Embellishments!!!

I got an email a few days ago from my mom telling me that Kat Von D was going to be signing her new book, The Tattoo Chronicles at our local Borders. I was both happy and sad - Happy because I've been wanting to send her some of my jewelry for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity to do it! But sad because I had to work & there was no one to cover my shift!

Never fear, Team Rain's Embellishments to the rescue! Otherwise known as my awesome sister Angel & niece Marianna!!!

I arrived to Borders yesterday a little after 10am & there was already a line starting to wrap around the exterior of the building! By the time I parked & gathered my purse to walk inside, they had opened their doors & the line was forming inside. I had to purchase my book and then get in line. I was about 100 people back excited to get the chance to meet Kat! While waiting for my familia to arrive I had the chance to look through The Tattoo Chronicles. The pictures are totally awesome! Mostly because Kat's tattoos are phenomenal! I would love to get some ink from her!!!
Angel & Mari finally arrived...I gave them my jewelry, book & signing guidelines & was off to work. Looking at the clock in anticipation for 1 o' clock when Kat was due to arrive & start her book signing. About 1:40 I decided to text Angel to see if Kat liked my gift - She loved it! Inside my little bag were two pairs of earrings.

My skulls & another sparrow bird pair.

A little after that I was able to leave for lunch and call my sis. She said Kat absolutely loved my jewelry! Both what I gave her and also what Angel was wearing! I asked her if she gave her a bracelet, she said no & asked if I wanted her to go back. Of course I said yes! So she was a trooper & hopped back in line for me to give Kat a bracelet! She let her choose between "My Bloody Valentine" & "Dia de los Muertos". Kat chose as I predicted & had Angel put "My Bloody Valentine on her wrist!

She also told Angel that she would get in contact with Me!!!!! So totally awesome!!! I emailed her last night thanking her for the autograph & letting her know that I was happy to hear that she liked my gift. Now I just have to wait for her response! All in all a terrific day!

(In other happy news, I also sold two bracelets on Etsy on Saturday!!!)

Oh yeah, how can I forget - Angel & Mari also got to meet Dan & Rooftop!!! How cool is that!? I'm beaming with envy & happiness! My niece now has the coolest facebook profile picture ever! She cropped it so you just see she & Rooftop!

Thanks ladies for waiting in line! I know you had fun! I love you guys!!! Thank you also to Kat for loving my jewelry enough to put it on immediately after receiving it! My heart is full of pride!

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