Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Good Saturday

Being a manager of a retail store it's rare that I get a Saturday off. When my co-worker asked if she could switch my Wednesday off for her Saturday I jumped at the chance! Chris (my bf) and I had the opportunity to finally sleep in on a weekend morning and we joyfully did! After waking & showering we had a very late breakfast and then took a day trip to Auburn. We took a stroll around the old town square, and visited the local bead store - I just can't help myself! (My bead addiction is a sickness I swear!)

When we finished our shopping/window shopping we meandered over to the local disk golf park. This place is huge! It's a regular park with a couple playgrounds, multiple ball fields, and it's very own lake! Oh yeah, and the disc golf range in the wooded area as well!

Here's a few pictures from the sites:

Since we were in the area, I had the urge to head over to Meadow Vista to see if my Uncle Jack (my sister's godfather) was home. I hadn't been that way for a visit for a very long time...Not since Auntie Nita (Jack's wife - my sister's godmother) had passed. I've been feeling guilty for not visiting and decided that this was the perfect time to go!

We arrived just as Uncle Jack was about to mow the lawn. We hugged, and I introduced him to Chris then we headed inside. He chatted about filling up the humming bird feeders, dating all the local widows, and the trips that he's been on. He talked so much that I barely got in three or four sentences of conversation! He even told me this cute story about a doll he had given my sister when she was little. It was this life size doll that my sister use to keep locked up in the closet at night because it would freak her out if she woke up and saw it in the middle of the night! (I digress.) We ended our visit while there was still time for him to get out and mow his lawn with what was left the the light of the day.

Chris and I headed back to our side of town to grab a bite to eat. Then we went to the movie theater to watch Funny People. We had some good laughs...and after the movie we headed back home for bed. All in all, a very good Saturday!
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Angel said...

I can't believe you didn't post any pictures of Uncle Jack. Did you take any?

Christopher said...

Sadly, no.