Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cupcake Craziness!

March was a month full of cakes and cupcakes! It all started off with my Godson's 2nd Birthday party. His Aunt made this wonderful train cake for him using fondant decoration. One layer was chocolate cake with cream filling and the other was vanilla with strawberry filling.  Yum-my!

Next it was my Niece's birthday. But not just any birthday, it was her Golden Birthday! For that, my sister and I wanted to do something special for her. So we planned out her whole party to be like the Oscars - golden statues and all! But first we had to make the cakes for her class. 

We looked at pictures of all different cupcakes on Flickr and she ultimately decided that she wanted lego cupcakes. Now, the ones I found on Flickr were awesome! It really looked like legos! So I knew I had a task on my hands.  We went to Michael's in search of primary colored fondant, but all we found was regular white fondant and color shimmer powder.  Luckily, we did find some people cutters so that we could cut out the heads and clothing with no problem. The actual lego blocks were another story! I had to cut out rectangle shapes with a pizza cutter and then punch out the connector bumps using a straw!  One-by-one I got them cut out and colored!

After the cakes were baked (chocolate) and frosted (whipped cream cheese), I think the lego decorations looked pretty good for a first-time fondant user! 

My niece later told me that she and her classmates really enjoyed the cupcakes! Whew!

A few nights later I had to bake the cakes for her party. Chocolate on chocolate with gold statues on top! Maybe I was doing this too late at night, but the only way I was able to make these statues stand was to sink them into the cupcakes!

I wanted to do something special just for my monkey so I went in search of an actual golden statue and this is what I found:

I was so happy when I saw it! Capital Confections rocks!

At the end of my cupcake-making extravaganza I finished up with some St. Patty's Day cakes!
Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and green sprinkles of course! My roommates were so happy that they were finally able to eat some of the yumminess they kept smelling!

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