Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stretch Bracelet Tutorial

Here's a fun an easy stringing project that anyone can do!

First, gather your supplies!
You will need:
A Piece of Tape
Glue or Clear Nail Polish
A Piece of Felt or Towel (to lay out your beads to keep them from rolling)

Attach a piece of tape to the end of your elastic. That way, you won't accidentally loose your beads while you string.

You can string your beads in a randomly ...

Or you can string your beads in a pattern.

String on enough beads to comfortably fit around your wrist.

Once you have all your beads strung, take the ends together and tie them in a Square Knot. Add a dab of glue or clear nail polish on your knot to hold it in place.
(*Warning: Do not use hot glue from a glue gun because it will melt your elastic!
Also, do not use super glue because it will dry our your elastic
and possibly make your beads yucky!*)
Wait for the glue to dry then trim off your ends.

Voila! You know have a finished bracelet!

Please send me some pictures of your finished pieces! I'd love to see them! ;)

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