Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Cautionary Tale for Crafters

I was really excited about tonight's Craft Along for the SCM. We were going to make button rings so I got all my supplies together.

I went through my bead boxes and found some cool buttons along with a few beads and beading tools. Then I went through my sewing kit and collected scissors, needle & thread. I had everything laid out on my bed so that I wouldn't forget them before I left. I had to wait for my sister to arrive because we were going to carpool downtown.

After she got to my house, I scooped up all my craft goodies into my big purse and headed out the door. As I got to my car I placed my purse in the center console and sat down. Immediately I felt something pierce my thigh! I looked down to see my scissors poking out the side of my purse! So then I asked my sister if I had a hole in my pants - to which she replied: "No, but you're bleeding!". I looked down at my thigh, and yes indeed, I was bleeding!

So, I walked back into the house, took off my pants and inspected the area. I got myself good! I went to the bathroom and found the hydrogen peroxide and poured it on my wound. Dabbed it with some tissue until the bleeding was minimal then I scouted for some band aids and neosporin. Then I went back to my room, and put on a new pair of jeans.

Afterwards I went through my purse, found my scissors & cleaned them put it back into my bead tin and headed to craft night. Along the way, we (my sis & I) stopped and met my mom to eat some dinner and then the three of us went to the Java Lounge. Happily we made our button rings; me only noticing my wound whenever I shifted in my seat and my jeans tightened around the sore.

When all was said and done, my mom talked me into going to the after hours clinic to get my leg checked out and to see if I needed to get a tetanus shot! As the nurse took me to the room, she asked if I wanted my mom & sis to tag along while I got the shot. To which I replied, "No, I'll be fine. They're just sadists!". The doctor took a look & poked around. He told me what to look out for and that since it had been a while since my last tetanus shot, I definitely had to get one! The nurse came back in, gave me the shot in my arm & then freed me!

For all my pain & suffering my mom bought me a Jamba Juice! So kids, the moral of the story is, put your tools, scissors, needles, (aka: sharp pointy objects) etc. in a hard case when traveling outside your home! That way you won't accidentally stab yourself with any of them!
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